MOE teaching position contracts Jan 2019

It's seems like almost all have got interview invitation and my profile and documents still worried...

your consultancy might know the status of your application. .

I Am from India. I applied for  computer science graduate TTP. Last week a got a mail form moe, to complete my profile and to upload documents. I uploaded some documents. But currently my application status in " more information and documents is required from tje applicant"
Any one plz tell me... Which all documents  required to upload and  what will be the next procedure.. Plz help me

Don't go through direct portal, ask and proceed with your consultancy

I have the same issue,it have changed when I uploaded  health questioner and introduction form

Anybody here with teach and explore agency?

My consultcy had uploaded 3 documents. But yesterday i uploaded documents directly to moe. There will any problem If i detected the document from moe.

hai nim19
   did u uploaded the documents directly to moe  website

My consultancy has uploaded 3 as you said,remaining I have done

Thank you..
After uploading documents how many days took to change status to verification.

1-2 days....which consultancy ?

Dear all the major decision will be applicable via your consultancy, uploading documents to MOE will not work, I myself uploaded all the relevant documents around 50 days back still my application status on MOE portal is showing "more information needed from candidate" but instead this all, I have received my interview letter via my consultancy so don't worry with the status of MOE portal just be in touch with your consultancy, they will write you only if you fulfill the condition there may be delay so you should keep patience.
My consultancy clearly wrote me that don't even respond to MOE mails, whole formal process they will take care at their own and if needed something they will contact me(candidate).

Consultancy is getting payment for the whole process from screening in to flight take off, delay is just because of large number of applicants.

teachaway.  this is the 2nd week. still no updates from my consultancy. they uploaded
candidate brief, passport size photo & Cv.
then, I uploaded introduction form, passport, degree transcript, medical form &degree certificate. still, it shows more document needed.

Thanks for your valuable information.

My consultancy said as my CV has screened in,I should have the interview,but didn't get any further information,worried only a few days is left for the interview and waiting for the information from them.anybody here on the same boat?

I didn't get any sample papers..  Since you have also applied for computer science, can u pls mail it to me?

Share your mail id

No dear I am living in UAE since 10 years as  and know the govt schools timing and holidays are very good.
Max timing will be 7am to 2:30pm

Sajida You can get those on the MOE website
It has sample questions for all subjects.
But they r just few and don't expect all of them to be repeated hardly 4 or 5 may repeat if you r lucky

Hello guys,
Anyone waiting for their final offer letter here? Also if anyone has received it kindly let me know how many days it took you for the same after submitting all documents.

My interview is on * April in Sharjah.
Anyone else?
I am applying for a computer science teacher.
Could anyone tell me about the interview pattern?

My interview is in Sharjah on 6 April.
What is your venue for the interview?

My interview is on 6 April in Sharjah.
Anyone else?
I am applying for a computer science teacher.
Could anyone tell me about the interview pattern?

Hello all,

Yasmeensyed, on the 6th or the 9th ?


On 6 April.(Saturday)
I think by mistake in one of my post I wrote 9

On 6 April.(Saturday)
I think by mistake in one of my post I wrote 9.
What about your interview?


Can anyone tell me whether the consultancy ask for money for teaching post in UAE MOE

No money.
You don't need to pay anything

No they don't if they are genuine. The ones who do are fake.

Thank you very much for your response. Because I was worried.

One more thing dear,

Can you please tell me whether I should carry any teaching aid for micro teaching. Any idea.
All the best.

Hey Any,
Depends on ur subject. Actually those interviews are long because of a lot of ppl doing the micro teaching. I would personally suggest one to keep it short n crisp and get ur point across. Imagine 2 (interviewers) ppl getting lectured for the entire day at 10-15 min durations on same/similar topics. So plan accordingly. Good luck!

Thank you so much

You don't need to carry any hard teaching material with you just be prepared with one topic you think you are best in. They will just ask you to give a short demo over same nothing written required. This also depends upon interviewer mindset as they are not asking for teaching demo from everyone.

I had been asked for a demo but had hardly got around 1 minute. The panel members were running short of time as second batch was already waiting. So they skipped the demo part and straight forward came to the personal interaction part. There was hardly any time to explain my topic, forget about any teaching aids. A few candidates did carry teaching aids and consumed a lot of time.
I am sure there were no subject experts in the panel. One of the panelists was probably observing communicative skills (I guess from British Council ), the other member was from MoE. So, even anyone did use TLM, I think it didnt matter much.
Keep a positive mindframe, display your interest for the position as you will be asked what you wish to know about the MoE.

Thanks for your feedback.
Well some of my friends had interview in mumbai India and said there were too many candidates, and the exam was quite tough like IIT exam. And you had choice to opt for either online exam or handwritten.
Was just curious to know,because previous friends of mine that gave interview here in Sharjah did not mention anything as such.
Was it really so tough.
Which subject we're you for.
Anyone who attended for biology.
Plz give feedback

I attended for Biology and I didnt feel it to be tough. Perhaps 2-3 questions were tricky but other 37-38 questions were based on basic knowledge. The MCQ was handwritten.

Hey thanks for the info,u mean was there was  only MCQ,did it also have any other online exam or MCQ that's it?? And then the micro teaching .
What sort questions did the interviewer asked if you could share with us.
As u said they were not experts in the subject field but only analyzing the comm skills.

Also was B.ed must for the position.
As I have in biotech.
Did u apply for science teacher or biology teacher.
Please let me know the good consultancy names so that I could approach them.

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