MOE teaching position contracts Jan 2019

Hello, I have applied for a TTP position with the MOE, through Astute Education. Everything was successful and I got my initial offer and sent all documents required. I am supposed to be starting in Jan 2019. I still haven't received my final contract and I'm starting to get a bit worried and anxious, due to the lack of time.

Anyone else in the same position? Has anyone got their final contracts yet?

Dont worry very soon Official contracts should be out just takes time becos firstly they try to send out a batch of contracts not individually so we must wait fr many to be prcocessed and secondly whats delaying them is they must wait for all security checks to be cleared with takes on average about three to four weeks and its not Moe fault as it is done by ministry of labour THEN ministry of immigration....phew so its quite a process....exercise a lot of patience and soon we will meet in the UAE...teachers are needed urgently so Moe is working planning fr January start.Best wishes to all of us😉!

But i have heard they have already sent all the contracts they had to by 3 rd and 4th of this month.i am also waiting for my contract but now a little bit doubltful for the same...

Meaning we are probably in the next batch so still no need to worry.Remember we told to be flexible with our travel/start dates so please do not worry at all.This is the biggest recruitment forum in the world with hundreds sometimes even thousands of appointments being made at a go so we need to really chill and trust the process.Everything will fall into place very soon don't even bat an eyelid and soon we will be meeting at the beaches of the UAE😇.Remember to attest your highest qualification while yu wait or that will cause even further delay plus attest documents for any family you're taking with yu as well.All the best wishes as we wait.😇

I hope u r right...Are u confirmed of the info
.? Thanks alot for sharing information.

Yes indeed but only from knowing fellow colleagues who have gone through the process and are now happily settled with MOE and of course with faith in my own so I'm just sharing the positive vibes within me.Patience is key here 😉!

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