MOE teaching position contracts Jan 2019

For the written test, there were 40 MCQs with 40 minutes allotted. For the interview part, a few of us (in the later part of the queue) had only demo and personal interaction.
I had about 1 minute for demo, followed by personal interaction.

Hi Flomat

Congrats for your new job. I have been searching for teaching opportunities in the UAE for the past 2 to 3 months. I am from India and I am a teacher of English with 8yrs of experience, out of which 4yrs in Dubai. Could you suggest me some authentic agencies through which I can secure a UAE govt job? Anticipating your reply soon.

Thanks in advance.

Applicants from various agencies were seen during the interview in New Delhi on day 1. Various agencies like Worldteachers, Phoenix Business Solutions, Dubai and others had candidates. In India, most applicants were under Phoenix Business solutions (although indirectly through local agencies). You can contact Chartered Travels, Kochi.

Insha Allah.. U will get soon... Which r those docs... asked to be arrested n send them too?

Hey, When you got intimation from astute about successful interview.

Hi everyone .I had appeared for moe interview on january 29 in Delhi.Has anyone received any email confirming their position

Dear ,

Hope you are fine. My wife is also get selected for physics teacher TTP. She send the final contract now she is wating for visas and tickets, If you shifted to uae i have few question did you know any idea where is this teacher traning program went on in uae.
Second do you have any family member with you. if yes then i would ask you further question.

And hows you job going.

Need your help,

Thanks & Regards,


I hope you’re well. I was reading through the threads and just wondering how your process went with the ministry of education and if you have flown out. I have given back my final contract, attested my Documents just awaiting on a start date.



Hi everyone....has anyone got the result those who had been interviewed in Delhi and Mumbai from 29th March to 1st April

Final result may be expected by this weekend.

My agency told me that there might be a mobilization day by the end of May, but it's not confirmed. Does anybody have some extra information about the closest mobilization day for TTP? And if the TTP takes place in Abu Dhabi or in our final emirate destination?

There is still not much info. My agency informed that the final list of selected candidates will be by this weekend and most probably, service to start on August. I am not sure if there will be any work in May as the Ramadan starts early May and that might make things go slower.

Thanks for the information.You are with which agency?

I am with Worldteachers. For TTPs there is no August start since we gonna go through a 2 months training. Last year there was a TTP starting June 24th.
Probably we will be flying out to the UAE after Ramadan because my agency discards the possibility of going in late April or the beginning of May.

Main agent Phoenix Business Solutions, Dubai. In India, Chartered Travels, Kochi (India).

Hello guys,
I'm still waiting fr my final contract. M also there for ttp, the last update I got from my agency was that all ttps flying to UAE now will not be able to able to take leaves for summer since they will be busy with assignments n workshops. I believe that is a part of the program.

So that confirms that the mobilization day is probably around June.

Mr. Vipul, how the interview. Mine was done in a hurry


r u from INDIA?

hello, r u from INDIA?

Yes. From Karnataka, Bangalore. Working as a maths and science teacher for the past 20 years. How about you sir?

annapoorna anu :

Yes. From Karnataka, Bangalore. Working as a maths and science teacher for the past 20 years. How about you sir?

I m from Lucknow..i m a computer science teacher ..since 12 years

U r from which agency?

Fine. All the best to all of you

Do all those attended get the job

Certainly not

My interview was really quick did not get time at all

Same thing happened with me. Hence I am worried about the offer. Interview was very short and in a hurry

I am from Teach away

any update regarding result....

Hello anyone got the job email confirmation who gave interview on 6 April at Sharjah

The job confirmation will be announced within 2 weeks, no need to stress

annapoorna anu :

I am from Teach away

Is there any medical to b done in India after being selected?

annapoorna anu :

I am from Teach away

Is there any medical to b done in India after being selected?

Hello friends, Any updates for the interview that held on NewDelhi and Mumbai.

On what basis they select sir? Because my interview took not even 2 minutes. Just one question

Hence I am worried

2 minutes? Including the micro-teaching? Did you teach a lesson? If you passed the written exam and did well in the micro-teaching, then it should be fine.

True. That's why l am worried. Same thing happened to the next candidate also. They asked me to tell about my teaching experience. Then told me ask any question if I want to. That's all.
Anyway hope for the best.  When I showed them my teaching aid, they said they are running short of time.


Anyone out there who is awaiting their contracts from the L3 batch? I signed the initial offer letter on the 3rd of march and haven't heard from the authorities since then.

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