MOE teaching position contracts Jan 2019

Tomorrow 5th January was the date given to me but no updates

all Indians (who are about to travel) have to check the following website immediately … 1.60501444

and then register on the following:

This was informed by my consultancy.

I have been told that the visas should be done early/mid next week and tickets should follow shortly. How about You?

Aint been told anything tbh :s just gonna have to wait and see

I called. Maybe drop them a call on Monday Morning!

I initially thought the visas were done and they are just taking time to book tickets..but I guess that is not the case. I think the visas are still not done.

Who is your recruiter?

Alright so, from what I've seen (read) from all of you so far, I thought I'd share my insight and experience to spare you the nerve-wrecking anxiety and confusion.
I had my interview with the ministry in April in the UAE. I have attested/signed/sent back every required document and been told my starting date would be September the 30th. The day came but my visa and flight ticket didn't. I have been informed that my visa has been ready in the past couple of weeks only! I still wasn't provided a starting date but have been told beginning of the year so I'm hoping anytime soon. This month marks the 9th month since my interview so if you had your interviews any time in the previous couple of months I wouldn't expect a visa release any time soon; then again, I might be wrong. Thousands of international teachers are being recruited and the whole process goes through many ministries (immigration, labour then education) before it is finally done. We fly with Ettihad airways and land in Abu Dhabi and are informed of our teaching location/emirate/school the following day after landing. Bottom line is, the job is probably worth it and is a beautiful addition for the CVs of those looking for an international exposure. Lots of patience is required and I think it's best to have a job on the side to keep yourselves distracted throughout the inevitable long wait. Goodluck to you all.

That is crazy!!! I have been told to give my notice in 2 weeks ago, which I did. I was told I would fly out in January. Why would the recruiter tell me to give my notice in, if it could take 9 months????

As I said, things in your case may be different. Maybe my start was delayed till January alongside many people who were interviewed only recently and were lucky enough not to wait that long. Hope for the best in any case and hang in there.

It would be a great loss if this will be the case. I left my job by mid October to attend the interview and I have been idle since then and been told that my departure is soon in January 😕😕😕

Wow, reading all this through and glad to see we're all in the same boat. I attended the interview in October in Manchester for a Maths graduate position, was told I would be leaving on the 5th which turned out to be the 12th now. All very disorganised but from the people I have spoken to that are already there this seems to be the standard in the UAE. It would be great to get in contact with people that are also leaving in January, drop me a message!

Hello.Faywar!,.any updates.about your flight on the 12th, ? Any visa or flight ticket as yet? I'm also flying out on the 13th.

i''m also flying out on the 13th but no visa and no tickets as of yet, what about everyone else?

Yup me too I did receive email saying visas should be out any day now because you see they applied for 100s of visas all at once and they only be released as a batch hence the delay.sometimes visas and tickets are issued three even day before you travel! Which is hectic but lets also bear in mind the recent holidays have also caused a backlog as some last week batches were rescheduled but as for us let's stay positive soon they will be out and we will travel on 13th as planned.😊 ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈

How's your journey. Anybody came there in airport to pick u? U got Ur place of work? Please update your experience

Pathfinder..Did you get visa and tickets?

Not yet.. what about you?


anything yet guys?

Still waiting!! :|

A friend of mine just got her ticket....she's flying on the 12th😅.

When & where he attended the interview @ flomat

Where was her interview? September

Which subject will she be teaching?
Any health science graduates here?

Not her but  I know some for health sciences...from India.

I am also health science graduate and waiting for visa to be processed.what about you??

Health science graduate and waiting for my flight ticket

Anyone got any updates yet?

Not yet.. both the ministry and the UK recruitment agencies are off today. If any updates should arise, they would on Monday or mid next week.. fingers crossed! Let's all keep each other posted!

My recruiter told me it is possible for me to be sent my flight tickets even today!!

Awesome! I'm soooo happy Fr for me....still nothing....for which date Saq1234? Yes indeed...lets keep each other in the loop of things

Flomat, when are u supposed to fly out?

Me? 13th!! Ha ha...

Please post your updates guys

No Visa yet so they changed it to 20th

Hi everyone,

It is slightly reassuring reading there are others in the same boat. I wanted to share my experience so far and ask everyone some questions. I had my interview (in London) in late October, signed the pre-contract and Undertaking letter a week after my interview, and the travel dates two weeks after. I also then sent all the documents required/mentioned in the pre-contract. which I was told that those who did not got approved were on a list sent out late December and I was not on that list.

I was told I would be starting on the 6th, but then moved again to 12th and now no real date given. I was wondering has anyone here contacted MOE directly? Specially those candidates who are in UAE already? Ever went to the main office?

Many Thanks

Any news on visas?


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