MOE teaching position contracts Jan 2019

Hi Sajham,  even I am waiting for the mumbai result. I guess,  I might be wrong but are you the one of us who were selected in the first writing exam at 7.30 batch.


No.  Sajham. Plz reply. Are you the one who cleraed the writing test conducted at 7.30 am. 1 st batch. Only three came out for English

Hi I don't, the advice was sent to me from the agency (I don't work for an agency) If have had an offer from an agent I would prepare your documents quickly.

When did the results of the interview at mumbai come?.
Which is your agency?

When did the results of the interview at mumbai come?.
Which is your agency?

Which  is your agency,?
When did you get your results?

Hi friend..
I was in the 10am batch at Mumbai.

teacher_creature :

The main change is the timing of some of your document submissions. A few documents are now required earlier in the process, including your birth certificate and your authenticated/attested highest degree. UAE MOE will no longer issue a contract until both of these documents are received. Please read the complete details in the attached "MOE - Checklist" and "MOE - Authentication Guide".

Where can anyone find the MoE Checklist and Authentication Guide?

Where can i get the MOE Checklist or the authentication guide.. could you pls tell me

Any information regarding Mumbai interview result

So far I got to know that tomorrow is the result. The list is ready but tomorrow it will be out. All the best to everyone.

Thank u Gulshan Samson...

Thank u Gulshan

Anytime!   :)

hi everybody. I am considering teaching at MOE schools but have no idea of how much expenses of traveling and living in the very first few months in uae? should I bring with me any amount money or MOE will offer financial support for the first two months in the country? do they provide plane tickets? or should I buy them at my own cost?

MOE results are out. Kindly check with your respective agencies.

Mumbai Result?

Gulshan Samson :

MOE results are out. Kindly check with your respective agencies.

Mumbai result?


Yes.  I came to know I am not selected. That's how I came to know that result is out

which agency?


Hello friends any one from zpointplus consultancy who got confirmation mail of Mumbai interview from moe

Any one who got confirmation mail of Mumbai interview what ever agency it is plzzz. Reply me when u got that mail

I got

subject? agency?

Which agency

I got a mail from my agency that I am recommended by moe . Is that what you got from your agency?. My agency is Astute Education.

I got the confirmation mail from my agency that is astute

Mathematics and
Pure talent

are Mumbai results pending....only few three to be precise have shared their conformation compared to delhi

Anybody got initial offer letter from MOE???

Not yet

any one who attended physics test and interview held at Mumbai got any conformation??...kindly share

I attended Mumbai interview on 1st April for biology guided by Astute educational agency

Attended in Delhi. Did u recieve initial offer letter?

Not yet

By this time you should have got offer letter,if you had been selected

From what I understand, this time until all your documents aren't verified the initial offer letter won't be issued. Transcripts of all degrees, IELTS certificate, degree certificate of all degrees plus the MoE Introduction and Medical history form they'd asked for. Atleast this is what my agency(world teachers) told me when I asked them about the initial offer letter. Coz they have been after me for the documents and transcripts and all are taking time to obtain.

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