Salaries in Sofia - how trustable is

Hi Folks,

I am an German native speaker and know Russian and English well (B2 Level). My education is Finance and I have worked on the administrative side for a while. But now I tend to work as an Content Writer, Social Media Research specialist and so on, because the Social Media field is common more and more popular.
That´s why I learn new skills such as HTML, SEO, GoogleAnalytic, Photoshop and so on. But, of course it will be take some time until I have learnt them.

Today I found these job offer, which sounds interesting:

Job description looks like good and the salary (2500 Leva gross) as well.

Another one which I like is this one:

2800 Leva gross salary for an translator sounds too good.

I mean, can I trust the website? On the one side I know that there is a big brain train in Bulgaria and a lot of big companies outsourcing jobs. But on the other side I know the local salaries for the same jobs and I am surprised the big difference.

Thank you in advance for your advice!

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