S Pass Renewal (w/ custom warning record)


Good day!
As seen on my subject above, the custom officer warned me and filed a record for not declaring my item (for GST) I bought in Malaysia as I enter sg.  This happen after I scanned my bag and CO inspect my bag and found out my personal things worth 86sgd. The CO didn't fine me and told that I need to pay GST for that item which is worth 6sgd.
Kindly need your advised if this experience will influence my renewal of my spass in 2020?

Thanks very much...

This is a minor offense and I am very surprized they even bother collecting GST on a S$6 item. If you did not try to smuggle oir import restricted items (e.g. cigarettes), it will not have an impact.

Hi Beppi, thanks for your reply, yes my item(clothing) I bought in Malaysia is worth 86sgd and gst is 7% and they collect 6gd from me. They said any amount of new item u bring in sg should be declared for gst.

Thanks again Beppi, I hope there is a positive results on my future spass renewal...

So you had to pay GST on an item worth S$86? In your first post you said it was worth S$6!
I think then you should contact ICA to find out if an infraction was reported or not.

Sorry Beppi, what I mean on my first post is the 6sgd is the 7% gst of the 86sgd worth of item I bought in Malaysia. I think there's a report filed coz they took my IC and passport.  I hope there is no big impact on my future spass renewal. Thanks again Beppi will follow also your advise.

Hi Beppi, just want to ask if I have infraction report from custom does it mean that it will have an impact in my spass renewal? Thanks.

If the above case is only your concern then there shouldn’t be an issue. Good luck

Hi Surya2k, thanks for your reply appreciate it...

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