Transfer visa from bahraini father to husband visa


Last year I married to a lady in Bahrain her father and mother Bahrain National but her daughter is still not bahraini and is holder of Pakistani passport and her status of visa is under her father ... I am also pakistani and working in private company my wife visa expired on December 2017 and her father cannot apply for her dependend visa as she married now... I want to know how much penalty will they charge for more than 1 year expired visa for my wife and can she be transferred under my dependent visa without leave Bahrain . 


For the penalty, you are going to have to approach NPRA.   It can vary a lot depending on case to case.

Once the penalty is paid, only then you can initiate the transfer process.  They may ask her to exit Bahrain before you can do the transfer - sometimes that happens but in this case, they may not do that.

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