Mixed Marriage in Morocco but there is no embassy for my country.

Hi, Please I need to get an answer..

I'm going to get married with my fiancee in Morocco and I am originally from Taiwan curently living in Canada. She is moroccan and living in Morocco. We have the list of documents to get married in Morocco.

For the papers it's really difficult as in Morocco doesn't have the Taiwan Embassy. My fiancee's dad asked the foreign ministry about stamping the papers. They said it's not possible as we don't have relationship with Taiwan. My question is, if anyone has the same problem moroccan with a person from another country that doesn't have embassy here in Morocco. What is the process, can we get married ? Please I need answers...

Thanks a lot !!!


I am not sure how much help I can be for you but I know a Moroccan girl who was not given permission to marry a man from Lebanon. This man had a diamond company in some other African country. He gave her an employment visa. Once she traveled they got married over there. She then came back to Morocco and attested her marriage contract etc and legalized the whole thing.

But please do check with a lawyer in Morocco too. They might be able to guide you much better.


Thank you for replaying.

We are still trying to get married in Morocco. My fiancee called the city hall of Casablanca and they said its possible to get married even there is no embassy. I just need to get all my documents authenticated by Global Affair Canada since I an living there. As for our second option, If things gets difficult we will then get married in Canada. We have talked with a few local lawyer, they can help with the process of getting married there.

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