chances of getting student pass for 4 years old kid


i would like to know the review/ current status of student pass for the kids in international school. My kid is not eligible for dependent pass so only choice is student pass. Is there any chance if we apply student pass for our kid in international school? Please share your experience with us. We really want to bring our child here since both of parents are staying and working here. Actually my kid was born here but dependent pass got rejected that why we put back into grandmother house. We both are not PR.
Appreciate for any comments.


I assume you cannot apply for DP because your income is below S$6000/month?
In that case, how will you finance international school fees, which are S$1500-3000/month?
Well, once your child is accepted for full-time studies in in a registered/approved institution, you can apply for a student pass. You need a local sponsor (Singapore citizen or PR), who probably needs to earn above the S$6000/month required to get a pass (don't expect a loophole here!).

Hi Beppi, i understand that DP not possible if each salary do not hit 6k. and also got master from NTU. so i know about Singapore rules and regulations, haha. but our income are more than 9k per mnth for two of us. and we decided to go for international school since we all know that foreigner can't get slot in government school. does it make sense for you?

Get a letter from school on your child’s admission for full time study along with school’s referral of your child student pass, then apply student pass with all the documents including both of yours income statement for officers to consider. Good luck

Hi surya,
thanks for your reply. Last time we did tried applying from Maple Bear child care center and we got rejected three times and also appeal rejected. That why we gave up and now planning to try again from international school which we thought that chances might be higher.
However you mentioned that we can apply directly for the student pass? May i know how can i apply by ourselves?
Many thanks,

Please read through the detailed Q&A in below link. If you still have questions, I would recommend to reach out ICA. Good luck … PEOFaq.jsp

thanks Surya, I will definitely check it out.


hello, this is aimin, may i ask if you get approval finallnly, as i get rejected for my 4 years girl as well. thank you.


We will try to apply again by end of June as per advised by school because semester will be started on August. This time we will apply under Eton house.

Yee Mon

hi Yee Mon,

I also have same problem like you.
If you have any good new, kindly inform to me.


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