Queries regarding EP

I have recently got an offer from one of the organisation based of Singapore. My client will be a big IT giant in Singapore.
My background as follows,
1) Bachelor degree graduate from recognized University in India in Information technology.
2) Having 11 years experience in IT as Production support Analysit
3) Offered fixed pay is 6.5K
4) I am based out of India.
This is my first time.
what are my chances of getting approval ?
How much time its gonna take?
Should i resign from my current job before EP is approved?
Please advise if you had gone through similar experience recently.
Thank you.

Congrats for your new job.

The queries you have asked, we have replied at least 100 times in this year alone. I think you didn’t visit threads related to Visa category and work category for the details.

I can reply in short that salary offered is average. If you are a family person then difficult to survive, if your spouse not working and have children.

EP approval can take from 2 weeks to a month or more.

I would suggest resign only after your EP approval. Good luck

Thanks for your response surya.

Yes i am married with kid. How much will be the expenses??

Did you read the threads?

Spend sometime to go through it. Check in appropriate categories. Thanks

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