Delay in FIN number

My profile was applied on 25th of august.3 weeks have gone and still I have not received my FIN number,is this normal  or how long would it take.i went through some of the topics but could not find delay in FIN.can anyone clear my doubt.
Thanks in advance

What do you mean by your profile was applied for FIN number? Who applied and for what?

The FIN is issued soon after an employer submits an EP application for you - normally a few days, at most a week.
You should ask the employer to retrieve the FIN and give it to you.
If they refuse to give it to you, this is a strong hint that something is fishy (e.g. the employer not honest). In this case you can also contact MoM to get your FIN.

Hi! I am just confused. Is this also the same when an employer applied for working pass and FIN should immediately sent to employee? In my case, I asked my employer for FIN as she said my work permit is pending for approval but I want to check it on EPonline. But she didn't gave me the FIN. What would be the possible reason for this?

There are obviously three possible reasons for this:

1. The employer has not submitted the application yet.
    Then you should ask them to submit it soon.

2. MoM has not issued a FIN yet.
    In this case the employer should contact MoM to ask for the reasons why.

3. The employer has the FIN, but does not tell you.
    You could get it from MoM (e.g. by logging into EPOnline with your passport number and/or application reference number, if that works).

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