What's the average salary for software engineer

Hi all,
I would like to know the average salary for a software engineer (6+ years experience). Also, the 45000euro offer is enough for two people to live a simple life?

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A Software Engineer in Vienna earns an average salary of €42,516 per year.

€45000 a year is a good salary and more enough for 2 people to live on.

I have similar experience and got very similar offer. I'd say the offer would probably be more if I'd be local, but TBH I'm not in it for money as long as it gives me enough freedom to look around the country during weekends.

If you have more than one offer on the table you can probably let them know if you're offered a better pay.

thanks :)
[at]madis89 thanks, I have one offer, I know it little bit hard to demand, If we are applying from outside

In Austria, it doesn't matter if you are an Austrian citizen or a foreigner both are paid the same. If you have been offered 45k that is above the average, so quite good. You are also paid 14 months in Austria (x2 July, x2 December)

ah, I didn't know about the 14months, that's good news :)

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