Date mismatch on the EP application


I have got a job offer in Singapore and then one agency applied for an EP. But it was rejected due to a mistake done by the agency (because they have put incorrect salary details). After that I got another offer and applied for an EP through another agency. Recently I have noticed that I have made a mistake when filling the from date for the degree under educational qualifications in second application (eg. 22/07/2005 instead of 12/07/2005 no issue with the year and month but the day). May I know, will there be an impact on the EP application outcome from this mistake?

Shouldn’t be an issue and in normal cases MoM ask the employer to confirm if they found any typo error which was not an intentional. Good luck

Thanks for the quick reply.

dmdl wrote:

Thanks for the quick reply.

Hi dmdl, I am in a similar position (potential for mismatch between information in 1st and 2nd application as am still with present employer). Did your EP get approved in the end? Tks.

Yes, I got the approval after 2 to 3 weeks.

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