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Hello fellow expats! I just want to ask if how long is the processing of the S Pass in Singapore? My IPA is already approved and it says in the letter that it will be issued on Aug 25, 2018. I wonder how long will it take? Because my flight is on July 25 already, and I’ll be entering SG as a tourist, I’ll be having 30 days visit pass only bcs I come from Phils. Any help with this matter? Thank you so much!

If you have received IPA letter (which means your working visa EP or S pass is already approved and recheck again it might have said the validity of IPA is Aug 25 not going to issue), then you can come to Singapore and join the employer as per the the joining date stated in offer letter.

If your pass is not yet approved and you are coming as a tourist then you need to have your return ticket and accommodation details in Singapore with you as it’s necessary to show to immigration officer at the immigration checkpoint. Good luck

Are you sure your IPA is valid FROM 25.Aug. and not, as Surya suggested, valit UNTIL then?
An IPA is usually valid from the day it is issued (i.e. the day the work pass was approved).

Hi surya and beppi! Thanks for the replies.
Yes, I am sure that my IPA is approved already and the approval was dated 26 Jun 2018, though it says there “your employer must ask for your s pass to be issued by 25 Aug. Otherwise we will withdraw this approval.”

I already have the designated place to work it’s included in the IPA and the salary itself. I just really want to know if I’ll be able to make it before my 30 days visit pass expires.

Thank you!

If your IPA is issued then why are you coming here under a tourist visa? You should come here with IPA to work legally as per the offer letter. Immigration officer can easily find out that MoM has already issued IPA.

Can you tell us what’s the purpose of your 30 days visit whereas you have IPA letter issued and should have joined your employer as per the offer letter. You should be prepared for this question if immigration officer asks. Good luck

It’s a complicated situation especially if I’m going to leave Philippines, the immigration here is strict and tough, then I might consider SG’s immigration as well I guess. If I’m going to show the immigration there the IPA on my hand, they might ask me about the documents and/or certificates needed to finish the processing of my S Pass, I’m afraid that if they ask me to, I can’t show anything. So I was thinking it might be easier for me to enter SG as a tourist.

Since this is the Singapore forum, we don't know how to deal with Philippines authorities and cannot advice there.
But for Singapore, if you have a valid IPA, you should enter the country with it! Everything else would just cause more trouble.
They will not ask you for additional documents at the border. But of course MoM will whn you try to get your S-pass issued (before you can start work). So better make sure you bring all the required documents with you!

You dont declare your IPA to Immigration officer PH. the issuance of the spass will depend on you and your compny. when you come to sg do the medical thing immeditly when the result is ok. They will pass it to the mom. few days or a week ull get spass. i’m filipino btw.

sg immigration is strict in other ways, but if you have the Ipa you can just show it to them. Philippines is tighter when it comes to filipinos going out of the country especially first timer.

You sure the SG immigration won’t ask for any documents? Just want to be sure. So it’s better if I’ll show my IPA to the SG immig. officer than to enter as tourist?

Thanks for the info kirsten123, good to know those things coming from a fellow Filipino.

Thank you all for your patience with this matter. I just really want my travel to be smooth tbh.

Its from my own experience. i just showed the Ipa and I was asked what my company was by the immigration officer in singapore. Bt I have with me my contract and like letter from my company bt they didnt ask for it

keikry :

You sure the SG immigration won’t ask for any documents?

Even if they ask: What is the problem?
You need to bring those documents with you anyway, to get the S-Pass issued a few days later. So, as kristen123 mentioned above, just have them at hand when you enter Singapore - no harm can be done by that!

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