Different visa application status between me and company


I am just writing this to seek some advises/opinions regarding my current situation. My employer filed my EP application early May. Currently, whenever I check my application, it is stated as 'Rejected'. However, when I spoke to HR, they told me its pending when they logged in and check.

Based on past threads, this situation might be my employer did appeal between initial application and now (I did not ask them, and they didn't mention this to me as well, just assumption). However, is there a possibility that there might be a technical error done by MOM, which they forget to update the status seen by my employer?

Any input is appreciated. Thank you.

Both you and your employer should see the same status, as it comes from the one and only database. You should call MoM to clarify!

Thanks beppi for the response. But is it possible that my case is being appealed, hence the different in application status?

As I wrote: There should be no difference in status shown, as it comes from the one and only database.
Whether an appeal was filed or not, you should ask your employer.

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