EP approved, DP pending

Hi, we live in Singapore for 6 years. My wife is on EP (>10k), I'm on DP working with LOC. My kid goes to IS. This is our 3rd renewal. Previously EP and DP always used to be approved together. This time EP is approved in 3 weeks, but me and my 7yo kid's DP is pending.

During EP went through vetting, DP status was showing just "Pending"

Once EP is approved, DP status was showing "Pending input from vetting agency...."; the usual vetting notice

After 3 days since 1st June, DP status is showing "We need inputs from other agencies to process this application. In most instances, the outcome will be available in 4 weeks' time. Some cases may take longer."

This is the 1st time we noticed this status. My question is -

1. Does anyone else faced similar scenario EP renewal approved, but DP renewal pending?
2. Does anyone else faced this status, "We need inputs from other agencies..."

We applied EP and DP on 7 May '18; EP was approved on 28 May '18

Did you go through the open threads in visa category? Answer is NO.

We request many times that before posting your message please spend some time read through open threads as we have addressed all most all questions in this forum already.

Both questions are addressed recently, please go through. Good luck

Hi Surya,

Thanks for your reply. yes I managed to find the answer of the 2nd question, that recently MOM might have changed wording.

For the 1st questions though, I couldn't find any similar case in any forum -

1. EP well above salary criteria and in the same company doing renewal 3rd time, still DP pending input from other agencies

2. Couple of instances where DP is pending, it's always the spouse; didn't find any case of a child's DP renewal pending input from other agencies

In your case, DP holder is working here so the criteria for giving DP has changed so as EP (its now more stringent since January 2018). so, you need to have patience in this.

In other cases, the EP holder was Husband but in your case is your Wife. So, the pattern is same whether you are applying for DP or your Wife, it has to go through that stringent process set up since January 2018. Be positive, have patience. Good luck

Thanks again Surya for your patience. What about the child? Any case where 7yo kid's DP renewal also went through vetting?

Your DP must have gone through the additional vetting process, but system holistically shows as both.

Sorry Surya, let me ask again for my understanding to be clear,

You mean that because my DP is pending for additional vetting, the system or MOM kept pending renewal of our kid's DP as well and just shows a holistic status for both as "We need inputs from other agencies..."?

Another separate question, I preempted my company about the situation and they don't want to be kept hanging in a uncertain scenario on when DP is going to be approved followed by another round of LOC approval. They rather want to apply EP for myself. Would it be prudent to apply another pass while DP application is pending? At the first place, since beginning of my job at Singapore, I never wanted to do so to avoid complicacy.

To your first question, yes system shows both are pending for vetting agency where as your case must have gone through that process alone.

Secondly, it is always better you have your EP. if your employer wants to apply EP then they should go ahead. It’s not going to have any impact on the result of DP and vice versa. Good luck

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