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My wife got her work permit in Feb 18 for Belgium from her company here in india.
Her work permit was valid till 31st October 2018. And my dependent Visa (Type D : BNL2, B28.) was valid till 31st July.

But due to project requirements her travel was delayed and now she would need to go to Belgium sometime next month in June 18 and might have to stay till Dec 18.

But both our Visas will expire before December itself.What is the procedure for getting our Visa's extended ? Could I travel to Belgium with her and get my Visa extension there or it has to be done from India?


Please have a look at the Forum as this question has been discussed before.

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Thanks for your replies.
I found from above threads that first my wife needs to apply for a RP once she reaches Belgium and being dependent Visa I also need to get a RP based on my wife's WP.

So I had this query as she will be travelling in June end next month , then she need to start the formalities with her commune in Brussels to get a RP. (Her WP expires on 31st Oct 2018, so she has enough time for her WP and RP to get extended)

But can I also travel with her in June itself, because my dependent Visa is expiring on 31st July. And in 1 month it might be difficult to get a RP for me while in Belgium.
So what are my options. Would I be allowed to enter Belgium on this Visa if I have only onward ticket or I need to have return ticket also to India before 31st July (as immigration may say you have Visa only till 31st July so you need to go back to your home country India before 31st July)

Like you may have read, D type visa is for long stay. Immigration knows that. Once  you are in Belgium, you (along with your wife) will also report to the local commune and do the registration. Once the registration is done and they accept your application for residence permit, while waiting for your RP, you are allowed to stay in the country. 

Please make sure you don't pick accommodation in a very busy commune (like 1000 Brussels) that takes a very long time to handle Residence Permit creation.

Thanks for quick reply.

So as immigration will see that my Visa type is D  (even though expiring within a month of my entry in Belgium) , they will allow me to enter Belgium just on my onward ticket expecting me to get a RP while we enter Belgium.  In that case I need not have return ticket.  Am I correct ?

Next step would be :
We both enter Belgium and visit local commune together and apply for our RPs. But before that we need to take some apartment and provide that as a proof I guess. Does she need to apply for her RP first and then I apply based on her RP or we both can apply together for RP after taking apartment ?

Correct. They may ask why are you so late in entering the country. You can explain your wife's job situation. Carry any emails or so that may serve as a proof.

Finding accommodation can be challenging. I suggest you take a service apartment or so for the initial months (till your RP process is over) so that you have an address you can use to register.

You both can register at the same time, The workflow is also explained in some other threads, but for the sake of time, let me tell you here.

Step 1. Register at commune (you need passports, WP of main applicant, registered rental contract, marriage certificate, birth certificate (for dependent).
Step 2. Commune passes the file to police for address verification. Police arrives to your address, verifies you live there (name on doorbell, mailbox), presence of the person there, etc. If you are not there, normally they leave a note in your mailbox which you need to take to the nearest police station and request completion of verification.
Step 3. Once police verification is complete, commune sends the file (request) to ministry for registering the applicants to the register of foreigners (creation of national number). When ministry sends the confirmation and approval to commune for creation of residence permit, commune invites you to collect your fingerprint or photographs and they order the cards for you.
Step 4. Card is ordered (this can be sped up by fast track process by paying an additional fee). When card is ready,  you will get a pin code at your mailbox. You carry the pin code to commune to receive your RP and activate it.

Your RP will have validity till end of your current WP.

At the end of the current WP validity period, employer initiates WP renewal process. Based on the renewed WP (of the head of household or working member of the family), you can request for renewal of RP (working member first and dependents following). Your dependent will get RP renewed till the end date of your new RP (which essentially is 1 year normally, considering WP are of 1 year validity).

There are moves to simplify the whole process and combine WP and RP and make it one card etc, but that legislation is a work in progress. Not sure when this will get implemented.

Thanks a lot for detailed info. Its very useful.

I had another query.

Suppose we take a service apartment as you suggested and apply for RP based on that. But as she will be working in Brussels, so we might have to register with local commune there. And I have read in many threads that it may take upto 6 months or even more  to get your RP if applied in Brussels.

So incase I need to return to India say after some 2-3 months (after my Visa has expired in July 31st), while still waiting for my RP. Would I be allowed to go back to India and then come back again. But now while returning to Belgium, I won't have anything to show to immigration (as my dependent Visa would have expired on 31st July and i still wouldn't have got my RP due to long wait at Brussels commune  :| ) . How would I be allowed entry to Belgium in this scenario ?

Thanks again.

Registration Is to be done in the commune you guys live, not the one she works at. You can take a service apartment in a commune that is not that busy (1200, 1140, or so).

After your visa is expired and while you wait for RP, you will not be able to leave the country.

Your goal must be to complete registration and police address verification before your visa expires. Rest is card creation, etc which will follow in due course.

For this you may have to book a service apartment while you are in India. Look for trusted providers (don’t fall for scams), ask your wife’s employer to help or any of her colleagues who are here already.

If this all sounds too much hectic for you, then you may stay back (your wife travels and settles down here) and you apply for a fresh d type dependent visa later on to join her.

But if I stay back , then Visa has to be initiated from Belgium and she can apply for my dependent Visa only after living in Belgium for certain months(after living in Belgium for 6-9 months). And that is a tedious process.

Thats why its easier to get dependent Visa along with the main applicant before they reach Belgium. Please correct me if I am wrong.

And in case we take service apartment in 1200, 1140, or so, then in how much duration can we expect to get RPs, because I might have to travel back to India as I am working with a US based MNC. They may allow me to stay in Belgium for about 3 months or so to get my wife settled there.

On average two months to get residence permit in these communes.

I received my D visa valid till Oct 2019 while my dependents visa valid till, April 2019. Will we get RP with validity of same date?
Do I need to apply for visa extension seperately for my dependents?

Answers are right here in previous posts on this very thread.

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