Saudi Council of Engineering Registration - Returning after 5 years

Gents, worked in Saudi as an engineer about 5 years ago and moved back to UK in 2012. At that time, I had membership from Saudi Council of Engineering which expeired in 2013 after I had left on Final Exit.
Now I am planning to go back on engineers visa, does any one know if I would be able to renew the same membership or would I have to apply for new membership?
Please note that at that time in 2012 my degree was not required to be attested by Saudi culture or Saudi embassy.
This time I will move on the basis of my Masters degree which is already attested by Saudi Cultire and Saudi Embassy but the engineering degree is not.

Hi .
I am also in the same boat. I have a masters degree attested by saudi consulate. I didn't get my bachelor's degree attested. My visa is Technical Services Consultant. Would I be asked to register in the the saudi council of engineers. And if so will they require me to have bachelor's degree attested.

Hi, I have the same situation of you, but I am returning with in 2 months
Can you share your experience what you faced

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