Final Exit Validity Before and After Iqama Expiry

Hi, i have my Iqama expiring on 23 Jan 2016 and my last working day 15 Jan 2016
The question is if my company issues me the final exit before iqama expiry how many days are allowed as per standard , does the employer have control over the travel date.
Secondly if the company issues the final exit after iqama expiry (if its possible after expiry) how many days are allowed as per standard, does the employer have to renew iqama to issue the final exit if he delayed it after Expiry.

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You have to leave the country within 60 days from the date of final visa endorsement. The iqama validity doesn't count if you have the final exit paper.

A final visa can be endorsed on a valid (non-expired) iqama only. The employer will have to renew the iqama first before issuing the final exit visa.

Thanks, i just need to confirm once more,
I spoke to my HR, they can issue exit while the iqama is valid.

Can you confirm that i will not face any problems while exiting at the airport jawazat or in the city police while i carry final exit paper, but iqama expired.

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No, you won't any problems with the final visa paper at hand.

60 days is in fact a grace period given so that the employee could close his bank accounts, sell off his households/vehicle etc and arrange flights etc.

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Please I need urgent advise regarding final exit. My profession is Cost Accountant. As per our HR,my iqama is taken back by Jawazat while putting exit. Will the immigration authorities ask for iqama? How can I confirm?
Can I know from Absher

when someone going on final exit, he has to surrender his iqama at immigration counter .

I have a question...can i go final exit 1 month before my iqama expire?

can i get my family exit before 2 days of my expiry of iqama

I believe that after the iqama expiry there is a 3 days grace period in which the you can renew your iqama and if you don't do it in 3 days, there is a fine.
1. My question is that can a final exit be applied during the 3days grace period.
2. Can a final exit visa be endorsed on the actual expiry day of the iqama. E.g. 10 October is the expiry date... o. The same day can the final exit be endorsed.

@shasts, I am looking for the same answer, did u find any answer?

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