Final exit visa for dependents they are already outside kingdom

Hi folks,

My family is outside the kingdom in exit-reentry visa. what is the process for do final exit??
how much amount do i need to pay as per newly introduced dependent fee??


The rule for dependent fee is that you have to pay everyone under your Iqama; no matter they are inside or outside of Kingdom.

The payment is already due and has to be paid in advance till your next Iqama expiry date. Two conditions where you must pay are either at renewal of your Iqama or issuing exit re-entry for your any dependent; whatever comes first.

In your case you don't have to pay on their return. They can return safely. After their return, both above conditions applies on you.

If you want to pay full fees now, you can. Go inside your bank online account and proceed with the payment, you will get the exact amount to pay.

And if you are thinking that since family is out of country and you could skip their full or partial fees, then it's not correct. You have to pay full year fee for every dependent under your Iqama.

Hope it clarifies.

Hi Khurram,

Thanks for reply...
my concern is final exit for final exit did i need to pay till final exit date or till Iqama expiry.

According to my knowledge:

- Final exit visa allows you leave the country within 60 days of issuance date.
- You have to pay till the next 60 days of final exit visa issuance date.
- For example, if you want to issue the visa today (1st August 2017), you first have to pay the dependable fees till 30th September 2017. You can convert it to hijri date and better to add a margin of 1-2 days due to how hijri calendar works.

Thank you very much Khurram  :top:

and you have to surrender their Iqama for cancellation.

Hi Guys,
Quick info is required as per present rules and regulations.

My family is out of KSA now on valid exit-re-entry and I wanna issue final exit. The iqama and medical insurance is valid till May 2018 & available in KSA with me. I have paid the dependent fees till May 2018.

Is it possible to issue a final exit for family if they are out of KSA? If so, is there any issues in case they need to re-enter after few months. Is there any concerns while I leave KSA on final exit?

Very much Appreciable if there is a quick response.


Allain12 :

and you have to surrender their Iqama for cancellation.

There’s no need for this. It’s cancelled in the system !!

I got the information from Mr. Steve in one of the discussions.

1. Family need not be inside kingdom when issuing final exit for them (provided they are on valid exit-reentry, dependent fees paid, valid iqama)
2. There will be no issue to my final exit process as my exit will be processed by company while I am inside kingdom

Thanks guys and specially Mr. Steve for his great contribution to clear the doubts.

i paid dependent fees till sept 2018 for my wife.
she went on exit re entry, 14th dec 2018 is last date to enter in kingdom..
iqama is valid till sept 2018.

she cannot travel due to some reasons.
I'm unable to  extend exit re entry visa..

i decided to cancel the iqama (final exit) for my wife..

please tell me the procedure / requirements / fines.
also provide your contact details if you don't mind. it would be great help.



You can inform your employer and they will take care in issuing final exit for family.
Because in my case too, I just informed to employer and they said, they will issue final exit after one month from expiry of exit re-entry i.e. my family exit/re-entry expires on 15th Jan 2018 and employer will issue final exit on 15th Feb 2018.

Hope this helps you.


[at]mch2cor: I am concerned, won't there be a penalty once the reentry has expired and one month has passed? Won't it be considered a negligence? 

Moreover, I am in a similar situation:

The family is outside the kingdom on reentry visa valid till March 2018. However, our iqamas are valid until May 2019, yes twenty nineteen.

If I get the final exit visa for my family now and after six months or so I want to get the visa again to call my family back, can there be any "time-limit" issue in that case or any other issue?

In my case, my family is on exit re-entry and visa got expired on 11th Jan 2018 with iqama validity date is May 2018.
When I requested in my company to issue final exit for my family well before exit re-entry visa expires, they asked me to wait till 11th Feb 2018 (i.e. re-entry date expiry +1 month wait) and come to us then will do final exit.

I already confirmed from company that, there will be no penalty/issues now and even in future if I am planning to bring family back on new VISA.

However I am going to request them to do final exit on coming 11th Feb and will get to know the details and I can provide the actual facts.


What I understood is that,

1. There will be no penalty for this delay of one month after the expiry of reentry visa and this is part of the procedure.

2. There won't be any issue, if the circumstances change, and family is called back within a year period, by repeating the istiqdam procedure.   

I would be glad to know the further account of your experience.

How about "Iqamas" of family, is it must to surrender them?

Moreover, I have seen at my MOI page, the ''cancel visa" option for the dependents outside the kingdom at valid reentry visa.

My intuition says that I should use this first to cancel the visa for my family, then, there will appear "issue final exit" option, which I can use to issue the final exit by my self, right?

Does anybody have experience about this?

[at]mch2cor:  Bro any update? any experience to share? is it must to surrender iqamas

[at]tod1: Yes bro. I received the final exit copy from my company government relations department last week. This one page copy is in Arabic and they said, keep this letter with you and If anybody ask regarding dependants, you can show it.

There are no fine or penalty collected from me. Only they have taken the original iqama's of family and it is must to surrender.
I checked MoI site, it shows Dependants as 2 in dashboard but there is no option as "Final Exit" which was there earlier. This is may be - "Final Exit" is already done from company side.

This is what my experience in taking Final Exit for family when family is outside KSA.


Hi [at]tod1,

Did you manage to get the final exit from MOI website i.e. did you cancel their visa first and then issued final exit?


Hello dear all,
Need some information

I want to send my family on exit ,

And my iqama will renewing on next month of March 6 ,

And my iqama expired on month of may12th,2018.

So I want to ask if i will do exit rentry of my family than after I renew my iqama so my family name on my abshar it's removed or not plzz help me on this I am totally confused


moi page also says:

Visa should be valid & cancelation should be within 90 days from issuance date or before return date whichever comes first, otherwise penalties will be applied.

Actually my family left more than 90 days ago.... so I must not take this risk. As I have read (here)[] that the minimum penalty is 1000 SAR.

Final exit has yet to be issued... will do it and share the experience, in sha Allah.

my family is on exit re entry till 2 december and my iqama will expire on 17 December, is it possible to make final exit without any issue,

in your case ,you had validity of iqama till may and visa expire in feb.

I have visited the concerned dept. in my organization (public sector) and according to them:

"Just forget about it if your family is not returning back and let their reentry visa expire. They will be automatically issued final exit visa after two months from the expiry date of their return visa. BTW, if you want to get this visa extended and call them back then you must process within one month from the expiry date. "

And these are the new rule.

My curiosity was, will there be any fine of any kind (for just ignoring it) at any point?

They said, "No".

Hello Brother,

Thanks for sharing valuable information my family case is similar as they went on Exit-Reentry and didn't returned back. I have surrendered their original Iqama at Jawazat Passport office and they gave me a letter called Shahada Rasmiya in Arabic it is شهادة رسمية with sign and stamped on it. could you please confirm whether this letter is the same as the letter of final exit or is different. I am planning to bring my family on Visit and how soon a new visa can be endorsed.

Thank you and appreciate your contribution to the expat community.
Best Regards,

My friend I want to ask this question, my wife, and my daughter are my dependent in KSA, is it ok to give final exit for my wife while leaving my daughter here with me. Is it possible anyone has experience with this let me know, please

I have a similar issue to the above.....I would love some guidance!

I am switching jobs within KSA and have been here two years on family status with my wife and daughter.  At the last minute, my employer has rescinded their offer to transfer my iqama, so I will be going on final exit instead, then re-entering KSA as soon as possible for my new position.  My new employer has been very helpful, but I have three questions:

1. My daughter left on an exit/entry visa that expires in early August.  If I just let her visa expire when I go on final exit, will she be able to come back into KSA under my iqama in late August/early September?  She has school that starts end of August, so I am really concerned about timing.

2. If I enter mid August on my new visa [90 day work/iqama], can I bring my daughter and wife with me on escort visas, then convert to iqamas after I receive my iqama?

3. Any suggestions for someone leaving on final exit and re-rentering as quickly as possible with family?  I dont want to wait too long outside KSA as it will be expensive and we have no home outside KSA.

4. The dependent fees for my wife and daughter are paid til March 2019.  If we final exit August 1st, can any of those fees be refunded?

Thanks so much, this is a great site with great advice for expats....I look forward to your responses.


I have a little different issue.

My husband is going on final exit, and my daughter is under his sponsorship.
i need to transfer her on my IQAMA.

Can it be done after his Exit is done by the company.

and how much are the charges.
Its URGENT. If anyone can reply i would be really grateful

Hello All

I am on my husband's iqama. Our iqama, insurance  all are valid and dependents fee is paid. We are planning to go on final exit. After taking final exit is it possible that my husband leave the kingdom immediately but i wait till the 60 days validity of final exit before leaving.. or is it necessary that i should leave with my husband??

Any help please

Please let me know is it true that we can cancel family visa only after one month of expiry of re entry period? Please reply if any one know about current update. Reentry visa period of my family visa will expire on 13/9/2018 and Iqama is valid upto 13/10/2018. My family can't come to saudi due to some reasons and we plan to cancel the visa. I will be very thankful if any one reply for my query

any update

please reply if any one know

Dear members,
                         i share my experience which may help all of you and please suggest if you know what should i do at my current situation.
                    i sent my family on Exit reentry visa 10 month back after paying the levy upto 13/10/2018 which is the date of expiry of my iqama, exit reentry visa expired on 13/9/2018. i planned to cancel their iqama as soon as possible because my iqama is valid only upto13/10/2018. so if i didnt cancelled i need to pay levy for my entire family when i renew my iqama. so i planned to cancel family iqama first, then to renew my iqama. i went jizan jawazat on 16/9/2018. first i utilized the services of one 'makthab' in front of jizan jawazat office. In a ordinary A4 paper they just typed in arabic my request to cancel family iqama and attached the photocopy of all 3 family members iqama and asked me just submit that paper to jawazat. i submitted that request which typed in arabic with all iqama copies to jawazat and within one minute they told my requst done and cancelled visa. but they didnt taken families iqama and they didnt give me any document as proof for cancelling iqama.
        after one day i checked absher dependent status but status is shows as same. dependent status is 'OUTSIDE KINGDOM' is showing. i checked associate dependent- fee - levy in bank , it showing 'zero dependent fee'.
          i am worried about that why they didnt took family iqama from me and still absher status is not changed
              please advice me what should i do now?

I ammon the same situation, I need to send my family for final exit but right now they are not in the kingdom.

Don't worry it will be shown at Moi website same (out of kingdom)
if u want to check how many family person still with your iqama
go to your bank website check Family fee with her iqama no.
if there is any person still there fee will be show there.
if not error will become.

Dear Mahantesh and syed

Can you kindly share that letter what employer has provided to this number wats up number ***,It would be great help for me if you do so.


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Hi Bro! I have the same situation. My family is on exit Re-Entry and valid till 2nd Jan 2019. I want to issue their final exit. And soon after I want to bring my family on vist visa. Do you have any idea how it would be done? Please reply me.

My family has gone to Pakistan on re-exit entry... now I want to cancel their visa..
What is procedure....?
Can you guide me..?

After expiry of exit reentry go to jawazat. You have to submit your family member iqamas. Officer will cancel their permanent visa. Recently I did this way.

Dear brother just I want get info that my family is on Re Entry visa and now I want cancel there iqamas what is the procedure someone told me that if you cancel iqama then your family will not be enter in ksa before 3 years.

Dear brother just I want get info that my family is on Re Entry visa and now I want cancel there iqamas what is the procedure someone told me that if you cancel iqama then your family will not be enter in ksa before 3 years.

Brother kindly send me procedure to cancel permanent visa.and there is any penelty or 3 years ban???

Hi brothers,
My family are currently out of the kingdom on exit reentry visa and wanted to cancel their Iqama but was told i can't unless their exit reentry visa expired. The exit reentry visa expired on 31st Dec, 2018 and Iqama will expire on 8th Jan, 2019. Please how soon can i cancel their iqama so as to be able to renew my own Iqama without paying dependency fees.

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