Final exit visa for dependents they are already outside kingdom

There is no penalty for the family. Even after the cancellation of a permanent visa, soon after you can bring your family on a new visa either visit or permanent.

Submit Ur family iqama's @ your admin office they will submit iqama's for cancellation @ jawajat.
jaawajat will issue IQAMA cancellation doc. This document will help u further.

Brother did you get your Iqama renewed? Did you get the final exit visa for your family members?

How long does it take for Jawazat to cancel family iqama after my company Govt Relation officer submit the document and family iqama to them?

Brother I have same situation. How to issue final exit visa for family if family on exit Re-Entry visa expired. I need final exit paper for visit visa stamping. In india agent is aking final exit paper for visa stamping. Kindly reply fast.

My family is already outside KSA on re-exit entry.. Now I want to get their final exit without entering back to KSA., while I have already paid their iqama and stay fees of Govt. upto 10th May, 2019. And their re-exit entry will expire on 2nd February, 2019 (After 18-Days)..

Kindly guide me ... how can I get their Final Exit or cancel their visa from KSA because I want to travel also on final exit.. and somebody told me that You cannot go on final exit until you cancel your family's visas or get their final exit..
Mazhar Khan

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