Family visit visa 365 days extension new policy

Dear All,

is there anybody who applied or got extension of family visit after 90 days time as per new policy?????

1 guy on this forum reniew his mother visa after 3 months. I also cal confirm to you after 2-1-2020

Alhamdullah i also got renew for next 3 months

Hello Mr Rahim,

Was it renewed as it was applied before a certain date ?

Please advise how you got it renewed,Whether online or through Causeway ?

Online by paying 100 sr

Any update Mr Sajid ?

My Family Visit Visa was expiring on 3-1-2020, i renewed on 28-12-2019 now its valid till 2-4-2020.

Hello guys,

SA Govt. approved 1 year visit visa with following rules;

1. Fee 440sr.
2. Every 3-months must paid 100sr fee online to extend.
3. After 6-months must visitor have to exit and come back again with same visa.
4. Insurance will renewed further after 6-months too.

Dear All, [at]Xtang

I just got my family's visit visa renewed through Bahrain causeway.It was a new rule,1 year ,multiple for 365 days.

Note that this was completed on the 10th January,2020.

1) New type visa applied wont be renewed online after 90 days.The visa holder must leave and exit and re-enter the country.If the Visa applied is "Open" type on the passport,He/She can go through the causeway and get it done.
2) Families need Bahrain visit visa compulsory to enter Bahrain,even if with the Iqama holder in the vehicle.
3) Bahrain visit visa can be applied online but needs a list of documents,but its easier done through an agent but costlier.

After all the confusion online,I found it easier to do it myself and experience the process first hand than to trust anyone.

Hope this info clears the air on things going around.  :)


After 6 mnthss, aside from Bharain what country can i allowed to exit if i have one year family visit visa?

Did your family get out of Saudi Arabia for the renewal process or no need to go out? I am talking about the1-year multi-entry visit visa. Thank you.


Hi Mohd.

The new Family Visit Visa that are being issued doesn't have the Mode of Entry on it anymore.
I have managed to get Bahrain e-visa for my wife and we are planning to do border run thru Causeway to extend her visa soon but I am not sure of the mode of entry on her visa since it is not mentioned.

Is there a way to find this out online?

Dear can i get your number i need some information about family visit visa, my family visa expiry on 27-feb-20 can i extend  online by paying the amount of 100 sr  or they have to go Bahrain and come back KSA for more 90 days  pls help me about this

I get the renewal through my ABSHER account, but please when you get the health policy, must be select 90 days. otherwise ABSHER not accept your helath insurance and you will need to get another.

Dear Mr Khokher, can i get your number please i want to talk you about renew of visa please.

sharing mobile number through this forum is prohibited. Read the rules and regulations.

But you can ask every question which is relevant to renewal of VISA. i will try to explain throughout.

Mr Khokher, my family visit visa  ( Family visit visa for one year multiply ) expiry on 27- Feb -2020 they came 28th Nov . i want to extend is it possible to extend through Abser just only pay the amount of extension and renew the insurance. some people say that this is possible and some say that they have to exit and reenter again.

No bro, just pay the amount through your bank to MOI... that is almost 150 as i remembered. then go to the any insurance company website and pay for 90 days travel insurance.
In my case i do through takaful al rajhi that one is cheaper and easy as well. but must calculate premium for 90 days extension. Doesn't matter, either he/she stay short or long after extension. Once you get email trough insurance company or you get message on you mobile. Go to Absher and do extension. but you can able to extend your Visa in last 7 days.... before its not possible.
Every thing is simple... don't worry and don't go for any agent or other person.
by your own hand you can do all this within 300-400 SAR in 30 minutes by your Laptop.
Best wishes … rVisa.aspx
above this link for your renewal of travel insurance... … rance.aspx
through the above link you can also check your old insurance validity that visitor got from his country, when he/she was came here or;
you can also check the new insurance status when you get it again...

my mother old insurance will expiry in dec 2020 as cchi. But absher is asking health  insurance to renew visa. Do I need to take another insurance?

Sure, in this case you must have to get a new one from here (KSA). I also buy another although my Mom insurance was valid for next 7 months... so, if the absher is not accepting that insurance you have to buy the new... but don't forget to calculate premium for 90 days. if you select below 90 days you will get the same error in ABSHER.


My visit visa expired on 18-03-2020, may I know if its mean that I can leave at 18 or at 18 the visa already expired and I should leave a day before (17).

Thank you.

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