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I have short vacation this month, my Iqama will expire in August 14, 2014 and my flight going to Manila will be on July 22, 2014. My dilemma is someone told me today, the immigration will not allow me to travel outside KSA since my Iqama is about to expire. Is this true?

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Hi. I don't think so. If they have issued u with a exit visa there is no valid reason to do so.

I agree with live.ali.  They issued you an Exit Re-entry visa so there is no problem about it.

Define short vacation? YOU MUST be back in Saudi to renew the Iqama. the exit visa will be issued, but it has no relationship to the Iqama expiry date. I fell foul of this years ago, was outside on a  proper exit-reentry when my iqama expired, it basically took me 12 weeks to get the problem fixed, 6 of these were outside. I was lucky as my sponsor knew that it was my stupidity rather than an attempt to extend my time out, so they supported my return, others may not be so friendly.

The validity date of the re-entry visa will be on or before the expiry of the IQAMA date !!

Speaking from Experience.. If your Iqama is less than 3 months until it expires, you will get turned around at the airport. We just had a Manager who tried to travel and was not allowed past Customs because his iqama expired in 2 months time.. even though he was only going for 4 days.

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I am facing the same problem. My Iqama will expire in 3 months time. And I will be travelling next month (when iqama will be valid for 2 months).
Is it ok as I will come back 15 days prior to iqama expiry.
Please any recent experiences?

jeez! I'm in panic now! :o  my iqama will expire on April and I'll be leaving for Dubai in 2 weeks for a 3 days visit. from what I red I need to speak to our HR personnel ASAP. :dumbom:

hello my iqama expire at june 23 2017,,! so i vacation now and i well come back at riyadh in june 20 2017,,,,! that no problem in airport of riyadh? please reply

Hi i just want to know what happen when you go back 3 days before your iqama expiry?there is any problem?

The first question is how he got his exit renewal ending 3 or less days before his Iqama expiry. According to my knowledge, the system will allow you to get exit re-entry till 7 days before Iqama Expiry.

Anyway. Even if you have 1 day left in Iqama expiry, you should have no issue at the airport. Because you can always renew Iqama online the next day by HR department within few minutes.

greetings to everyone,
i would like to know if there'll be a problem regarding my flight to phil. on jan15? (exit only) coz my iqama expires on jan11.
is that possible to have a flight (exit) though my iqama is expired for 4 days already?? thanks for answering 👏😊

I don't think you can get maximum exit or exit re-entry date beyond your Iqama or passport expiry date. 

Generally , when you will apply for exit re-entry visa, you have a maximum date within which you have to travel and that date can't surpass your iqama and passport expiry date; whichever comes first. I don't know if Exit visa can bypasses your Iqama expiry. But I don't think so. Because suppose, you get 15 January as maximum date of exit but your iqama expires on 11th, what if on 13th Jan, you and your sponsor wants to cancel Exit visa? It will create way lot of complications.

I have no authority on this topic. Others more experienced might jump here to help you better and with certainty. Personally, I don't think so.

my iqama will expire on 15 april 2017

i want to send my family on final exit and i will travel with them for vacations

my question is that
can i travel while there would be just 15 days remaining in iqama expiry
can i get final exit for my family and exit re entry for myself

what are the rules for final exit and exit re entry and iqama expiry 

best reagrds


just have a question,

My family (only family, not me) wants to travel for 40,45 days before my Iqama Expiry date, and will come before Iqama expiry date.

Can they travel.

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Can I travel to Pakistan  ? My Iqama will expire after 2 months

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