Ban entry from Singapore


Due to MOM record, and every evidence they got, they assume I got a relationship with Singaporean who is legally married.

So I had breached the Conditions of Work Permit under Fourth Schedule, Part VI, condition 8 of the Employment of Foreign Manpower Regulations (EFMR), which states that a work permit holder shall not be involved in any illegal, immoral or undesirable activities, including breaking up families in Singapore. As such, you are required to serve a period of entry ban.

* I want to ask, did I able to write an appeal letter for my case, because regarding to the Singaporean did not divorced, and as I knew the person who handling my case was a good friend with the Singaporean. Beside that what can I do for entry to Singapore again? *

Liaised with a family lawyer here to take correct advise. If immigration officer banned or denied your entry in past then don’t come unless you reach out ICA to know whether ban is lifted or not.

If MoM has got all the evidences against you which has claimed that you had in a relationship with a married singaporean who has family and not a divorcee then chances are very unlikely that MoM will allow you to work under any pass here. Avoid such troublesome relationship. Good luck

So with this kind of cases, the MOM replied ban entry for 7yrs. Is that I could reach out ICA for shorter then ban entry?

Or any idea can let me visit Singapore again?

Unless you can prove that the allegiations are wrong (i.e. you did not have that undesirable relationship), the ban will remain. Sorry!

If having this case but it wont affect if im going to marry a Singaporean right?

I can't tell you for sure whether marrying a Singaporean would lift the ban or not.
But before you marry, you MUST get permission from MoM. (All WP holders and former WP holders need to get permission before marrying a Singaporean.) If you marry without permission, you will get into big trouble and may never be allowed into Singapore again!

Please see this webpage for further information: … t-resident

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