Re-locating to Kuwait with a Salary of 1005 KD plus other

Hi All. Thanks for looking at this thread. I would be grateful if you could provide some feedback on my salary package and should it be a good salary to move to Kuwait?

I have 20 years of teaching experience in the British National curriculum in Africa. I was offered a job at Cambridge English school in Kuwait.

What is offered?

Salary package
1005 KD monthly salary (Tax free)
Shared accommodation (2 beds sharing a house)
Yearly flight tickets for myself
Insurance all covered
Utilities bills covered
Accommodation with internet

If you are single it is good.

If all paid as you mentioned above then you'll be good with that salary. You just need groceries. Mind you, if you're thinking of getting a car then plan to pay not less than 150K.D for rent monthly+ fuel (around 15K.D a month for small tank car).

Thanks l do appreciate your responses. Ya at the moment am moving alone. How is the school. Cambridge English School in Al Mangaf

Hello there.
I underwent a skype interview and passed. I then signed up with this school for a contract of one year renewable.
My questions are:

a) What is the next step(s) for the employer and me in terms of processing of papers?
b) How long does the Ministry of Education in Kuwait take to issue the Teaching Permission Authority?

May l have your views over these questions.

I know lots of people who left that school, it's an appalling school. The one in Salmiya I heard iss better the Mangaf branch. You're in for a nightmare. One teacher who left Mangaf said the students hit an Arabic teacher and made his head bleed. So good luck mate. Your salary is good.

The school is going through a change in management, so be prepared for a lack of consistency.

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