is 400kd a good salary for a family of 3? Accommodation provided!

In that 400 KD is enough to run a family (me ,my wife and 3 year old kid)?If company  gives accomodation?
Please reply..
Tnks and regards

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Well hey
The biggest expense that any expat mau face here is house rents (you wont find anything below 250 kd) so if the company assures you that well i can say 400 isnt that bad if you are a middle class person and know how to spend your money nicely so not a bad deal but try convincing them for around 500 or atleast 450 because your kids school's fee is also there on list

Thank you  for  your  reply They accept  for 600 KD.with Duty meal and yearly  ticket and  accomodation.How much is  the  school fee for the Elementary (kindergarden) in Kuwait?Is it possible  for my  wife had College  intermediate fluent in English(dont know  Arabic) to get any  job?
Please advice.
Thanks  and regards

I paid Kindergarten(UKG) for my son 90 KWD monthly( Mangaf area) , included transportation ...In regard job for your wife (everyone who want work can find job in KW,,, just be patient :) Good luck :))

Thank you  for  your reply....With in 600 KD (me  ,my wife and 2.5 years old  kid) can run middle class family  life in Kuwait.How much we can save.(Note:Accomodation from this  salary)
Please  advice..

Depend if u looking 2 bedhroom apartment (I pay in Mahboola 2 bed. unfurnished 270)but cheapest one bedroom (furnished )u can find for 250...and if ur not spending money person u can save maybe 150kwd....just depends of u:)))

R u with ur  family?out of 600KD 230 kd for Accomodation(me  my wife and kid) .Education KIndergarden (100 Kd) 270 KD in hand.Out of  which Transportation to and fro to  work place.Grocery  and  food how much it  cost for vegeterian family?...Atlast  if  we  spend  less HOw much we can save?
Please advice..
Tnks and regards

Yes I am with family,,,,,on that salary I am not sure u if can save for first few month any amount ,,,,reason bcoz always u need something (visa, home stuff ect) that is how I see situation ...Kuwait is really expensive to live ...or maybe u can save 100 kwd......u said 230 for accom.+100 school=330+ transp..ectis for sure over 400 kwd,,,maybe after u set and organize everything u can save up to 200 kwd...

Yes dear friend, I brought m family when I was having 200 kd salary. Things was very bad that time, Nut now I am getting 400 and its very easy to stay in a single bedroom flat.

for accomodation  for u- minimum 150 kd, school for kid 50kd/ month, food & taxi around 75 kd. make sure where they provide accomodation.

my dear its really good salary to stay with family in kuwait one of the best country in middle east to stay with family

Dear I have just offered a job in Kuwait. Package is as follows:

For self:
Payment:  500 KD
Medical free
Transportation free
Messing free
return ticket to home country once in year

Free family visa after 01 year
House rent: 220 KD
allowance for transportation
medical allowance. etc
return ticket with family once in every two years.

I was so worry after reading different posts. But after reading this thread, I am so comfortable that I can manage in this salary. any comments are welcomed

400kd is not enough if your family is here unless your wife will also look for work. If she will not work, you will save little.

It's enough for u mr....atleast its just only one kid

i don't want to be negative or rude or whatever you want to call it i live with my sister with 600 KD and i'm not able to save 10 KD by the end of the month.

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