Waiting for Epass

hi good day to everyone. reference to the above subject, please note that my husband is currently waiting for his epass in singapore and his last day would be on 2nd of april. Till date the application is still pending. I have been reading previous threads that exiting to malaysia or indonesia is not advisable rather going back to home country.

Kindly send me your advises on what my husband has to do. As i am really worried, know that i am living and working here in dubai and my husband is staying with her sister who has dependent pass and her husband is PR.

Ask your husband apply for 30 days extension with sponsorship of brother in law. Both can visit ICA to apply or apply online using SingPass then if ICA asks to meet then they can visit. Good luck

@surya2k- is that possible? as per his sister my husband has to exit due to epass application and extension is not applicable anymore. that's why i posted this query on this forum so that i could help my husband on any possible way i can. is there any possibility extension can be denied? how many processing days? thank you for help though.

Try what did I say, there is every possibility that it can be extended if you provide valid rationale. In his case the EP status is pending and he was working here. At worst case, if they don’t accept then it’s fine he can exit then return again on pass approval. Good luck

I also heard the 30-days SVP automatically given on cancellation of a work pass cannot be extended (which means he would have to exit Singapore until the new work pass is approved). But it does no harm to ask at ICA as Surya said above.

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