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       I had applied for Singapore for a job through EA(employment agency) am an Indian...they told yesterday the application was approved.....then how many days will take issue IPA from when application was approved....can I check the status by application number? It is approved or not?

Why you don’t ask the agency to provide a screenshot of approval page so that you will have proof infront of you. Or else ask them to give the FIN number, so that you can check online.

They said that employer won't give FIN to agency....ok I will ask them to give screenshot....and one thing can get status by using application number?

Application number is different, it’s a referral number. FIN number is the identification number of your pass.

Ok normally if IPA approved... then how much days take to get it on hand?

IPA issuance takes a few days.
Since it is sent to the employer, in your case you have to add the time for the employer to pass it to the agency and then the agency to you.

Ok thank u ... normally 1 week?

1 week to receive from MoM, then depends on employer to provide the letter to your agent then agent to you. Good luck

Ok thank u....and then how much sgd should carry to come to Singapore as a new comer?

You should check with your employer what they will provide on your arrival (e.g. temporary accommodation) and when they will pay your first salary.
You should bring enough money to cover the period until then (rule of thumb: S$100/day for accommodation and S$50/day for everything else), plus enough for deposits (typically one months rent for a flat, and S$200 for utilities), furniture and other incidentals, and a buffer for unforeseen and emergencies.
I think S$6000-8000 should be enough.

Employer provide accommodation.....and food own self...then how much need avg?

Sorry, I wanted to write S$50/day for everything else (food, transportation and other daily expenses), but due to my mistyping it became S$0/day. It has been corrected in my post above.

If there is not much travel from the accommodation place to your work place or company also provides your transportation then per day $20 to $30 for food and other expenses (if any).

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