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Hi All, We will be moving to belgium sometime this year end. Our visas etc formalities are yet to start, since my employer will not be helping with my sons schooling exp I will be self-funding it. He will be moving into 6th grade(Currently in class 5 will finish in apr).
We are looking at various bilingual and international schools. One of the options is DY Patil high school.

Any first hand experiences with the school that any may have kindly post here. It will really help us decide.
Thanks in Advance.

This is the best school style to prevent a child from integrating into a country that already has three European national languages ...

Thank you so much for your reply. It helps a lot.

DYP is not a bilingual school and English is the language of instruction. You'll meet lots of families of Indian origin, not particularly multicultural and the last place to send your child if you want them to be able to speak the local language Dutch.

Lycee Francais is very small but does French - English, really useful for a Dutch speaking community!

AIS is north or Antwerpen, Da Vinci is in the centre of Antwerpen. Again language of instruction is English but at least these schools are more multicultural but still not somewhere for bilingual as it's only English.

The king went to a public school, the queen went to a public school, the heir to the throne goes to a public school. Everyone in Belgium goes to public school and in Antwerpen most children speak Dutch, sometimes another language at home and by adulthood are fluent in English and have a grasp of French. So 3-4 languages. Given that, why would you want to choose a monolingual and mono cultural school?

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