Bilingual schools in Leuven, Belgium


I am considering a job opportunity in Leuven and would need to travel by around Jan 2015. I have a 7 year old daughter.
Could some one please guide on bilingual schools (with English) in Leuven area. I saw some of the international schools and the fees look very expensive. 

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Thanks for the info Aneesh. If need further details, will get in touch with you...


Hi Anitha
I live in Leuven and as far as I know all schools are unilingual Dutch speaking.
You find some international schools in Brussels. When you google to "international schools Belgium" you will find a lot of information.

There is one international school in Leuven, in fact it is just a few classes attached to a public Catholic school. It is a bit under 10k per year. There the language of teaching is English, but as part of a Dutch school, they'll hear lots of Dutch in the playground.

Google International School Leuven.

Thanks, it is in my own town but I did not knew it.

Hi Tervurener

You are talking about the International School of Leuven in Heverlee, right?


Yes there is one International School in Leuven so yes that school being the only international school in Leuven is the school. It would be up to you to decide whether it is worth 10k per year to be in a class with an English speaking teacher at that school instead of in the same school but with a Dutch speaking teacher for 0k per year.