Bilingual/English immersion schools in Brussels

I am looking out for Bilingual/English immersion schools in Brussels for my daughter for next year.
I have identified some schools like BICS,ACACIA and some montessori schools . But the fees are all in the level of 600o to 7000 euros per year.
Hence I am beginning to look for French school with immersion in English.. Are there any in Brussels. I have just heard of one school with Dutch and English immersion - that too English starts when a child is 8 years.
I have heard about Rizensart and LE Verseau school but then i need to relocate. Kindly advice me with some option.
International schools are out of my list due to cost.

Please read other threads. There are no bilingual local schools and the only bilingual private schools I d spend money on are lychee franchise and bsb

thanks a lot I have read other threads  . How is the registration process in lycess francaise? I am an Indian settled in Brussels. do I have a chance there and also BSB the fees is very high.

If you are Indian, I presume one of your languages is English? In which case, why are you looking for an English school? I presume one of your languages is NOT French so a monolingual French school for a 3 year old is your best option, keep English to English only environments, lots of English activities for children in Brussels. When your child is older, say past the age of 8, then you could consider perhaps a private English school, by this time your child will be mother tongue level French in speech and writing.

Lycee Francais? Look on the website. Your chances without priority (if you are, you'd know how to enrol) are very slim.

And yes BSB fees are high, you pay for what you get. Choose a school which costs 5k and that is what you'll get!!! The only exception to this is lycee francais, which is subsidised by the French government, so there you get a quality French national curriculum education which is not to everyone's tastes.

We have 4 Indian families in our local school - the children speak various Indian languages (usually 2) plus English plus French. They seem to have no problem with their 4+ languages, oh and Dutch too. They get a quality education for almost free, with teachers better qualified and better paid than some at the private "bilingual" schools!!!

My kid goes to a Dutch school in Brussels and I am quite happy with the education system / quality of teachers and the progress my kid is making.

The families who are in Belgium only for a fixed duration (those who are in an assignment from their companies - ie. the ones who know they have to go back after certain years to a place where English education is the only available or most preferred one), are the ones who look for English schools in particular....

I assume the thread - is already noticed, in which tervurener shared many details about schools with various immersion schemes.

Thanks al for ur replies. Tat is true. after some years we will go back to a English speaking school and hence I am in the lookout for Bil lingual or immersion schools since international/private English schools are more expensive .
I have read the other post as Aneesh specified . It does have a lot of info .
Can you give me a list of activites available in English in Brussels like some English classes/course etc.

Also, can you give me some schools that do English immersion in the wallonie region. (like  AthneeRoyale - Rixensart  , Atnee Royale Maurice Careme) .I know there are none in Brussels.

that's it you have the  2 names already. But why would you move to Wavre or Rixensart? They are designed for French speakers and AR Rixensart is only so far for ages 4-6. You are going to be quite disappointed if you think your children are going to get a good level of English reading and writing. Neither of these schools are "recherchee" by many Belgians.

Save your relocation costs. Go for one of the schools local to your home. If you really want formal English tuition, private a few hours a week is cheaper than relocation costs.

PS how old is the child? If under the age of 6, even more reason not to do part time in English. Under 6 education is play based, it's about socialisation as well as education, that can be done in any language and will benefit any other languages a child speaks too. Stick to French, or even Dutch in Brussels (outside north-west communes that is not an easy choice).

For AthneeRoyale - Rixensart  , Atnee Royale Maurice Careme, you can get contact details of the school director from the website and send them an email or give them a call. They will arrange an appointment with the English teacher who will explain you the scheme of immersion, etc.

As wrote above both these are not in the A list for most :) locals, but I know many Indian families who moved to Rixensart / Wavre for their kids to go to these schools.

About English activities, is the one I have in the top of my mind. Google can point you to more..

Football, rugby, cricket, lacrosse, basketball, golf, tennis, art, music, drama, dance, scouting.

In all about 30 classes in English in Brussels area. In waves and rixensart  there are none.

So choose b rated school where . Your child may never be truly fluent in French. Or chose a rated school in Brussels where the likelihood of French fluency is greater plus support for English outside school us greater and a better social life.

wow! that's a lot of insight. thanks a lot again. Now i think i can make my decision.:)


I was pointed by facebook group to this Post. Need your help.

I got the confirmation from BICS(Bilingual school) and also from one of the Dutch School(Very near to my home) for my 4.5 year old daughter from September 2014.

Can someone please suggest me which one to choose? as I am confused what should i do,  As i have heard unlike India in Brussels, under 6 educations is play based?
Also can someone please suggest an English Classes for my daughter nearby we stay in Rogier, Brussels.

Thanks and Regards,
Ansar Ahmed

You live near Rogier and you're Indian not French or Dutch speaking?
I'd say choose a French school, a local one.
Join the Schools group on Facebook or English speaking mums group and you'll find out about all the English classes for children.
I'm curious why did you choose Dutch in an area where only 5% of the population speak it?

Yes all play based including at bics.  Perhaps need to do more research into qualifications of teachers, their mother tongues, the mother tongues of kids at schools you 've proposed, if language fluency is what you're expecting. The fb schools page is excellent for this

Thanks tervurener.

Yes we are Indian, we don't speak French or Dutch.
My family joined me recently and i was searching for schools (French or Dutch). I visited few schools but it was too late for admission this year. My colleague suggested me the Dutch school (Even thought she speaks French) said Dutch schools are good and so i applied for the Dutch school and got the confirmation for September 2014.

Yes, I am looking for Language fluency.

So you suggest me to put my daughter in French or Dutch school and not to BICS? Could you please provide me the fb schools page url(link)?

Ansar Ahmed

Did you check if Dutch school they'll speak to you in English? Probably they won't. And how any Dutch speakers on the class, . Might be none. And not true too late for French schools. Best chance of fluency in / French school.

Just do fb search Brussels schools

If you really want Dutch in Roger, how will your child manage when nearly everyone is French speaking and hardly any after school activities in Dutch. French schools in general far more open to foreigners

French schools in Brussels. Is there a reason why your child is NOT at school now, as there are several schools with places for 4.5 year olds now, if you wish fluency, well why not now in school? … a57d56a826

Did you try Enfant Jesus, the nearest school to Rogier?

Or St Louis? The secondaire here is very well regarded so it probably means even the maternelle is super popular

It's imperative you put your child on the waiting lists AND you check the waiting lists, if still waiting by mid August, check them daily.

This is the only Flemish school I'd choose near Rogier, in fact they will speak English here and you'll find other English speaking children. It's immensely popular. I hope you chose it.


Thanks for your reply. I tried for the school near to my place they said non have place now. Do you know any website where i can apply for the French School(As Dutch School there is same process for all school)? Any contact number who can help or any organization?

Thanks and Regards,
Ansar Ahmed   Has some info that can help you.

The above link is only relevant fir Ville de bruxelles communal schools, just 20 out of 300 local French schools in Brussels region. Please instead contact individual schools.

Hi Ansar,

as you have mentioned that your daughter's age is  4.5 years. Did  you get confirmation form BICS for primary  class-1 ?
i too have gone to the school to check for admission . My daughter's age will be 5.1 years by september 2014. I asked for class primary 1 but they denied. they told me that she will not be eligible for primary . They asked me to take admission in montessori.


Hi Kalinga,

I think it was not for Class 1, I will confirm you on Monday.

Ansar Ahmed

5 years 1 month is too young for primaire at bics, that is 3e maternelle.

I find this thread very informative, thank you all very much :)

Hi all, can u suggest some schools close to Woluwe st.lambert? The batchgeo link shows international schools in Brussels. Similarly any link to see French Dutch or bilingual schools will help. Thanks.

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Priscilla  :cheers:

Hi, found many responses from you about English school for Indian kids. Can you please help me to get list of suitable school.

We are a family moving to Brussels looking for a state bilingual primary school please? Any recommendations......

Dear all,

The only really good answer is this.

You have the opportunity to give a real openness to the world and other cultures to your children. In this case, why do you want to ghettorise them? The language barrier is a purely abstract thing for children. It's a psychological blockage for adults only.

English you can always give him lessons at home. Of course you will see for a few weeks the school results of your children decrease. And then, show them that you trust them, they will go up the hill. In less time than you, they will speak one of the three Belgian languages faster and better than you. Even if you are taking private lessons for adults.

My 14 year old daughter speaks French / Portuguese / English. And my 4 year old son speaks French / Portuguese ...

The thread is old, but if you had read it all, you'd by have found there are no public bilingual schools in Brussels. Why would you even consider bilingual?

Hello My family and myself just moved to Brussels. I have a four year old son and was wondering if it’s best to put him into a local schools, would he learn English in a local school. It would be nice to hear from some families that have moved here with children and how their children managed the language and adjusting. I am more than happy for him to learn Dutch or French but I wanted to know if English would also be included. If not have you provided extra schools for English?

What languages do you speak at home?

In Brussels, only French or Dutch can be taught as the 1st foreign language and it is obligatory from 3rd primary aged 8/9 though Dutch is usually taught from M3/P1 now though it can be sporadic and dependent on availability of teachers. French ironically is the home language typically of 80% of children in Dutch schools, French might be the home language of as little as 50‰ of children in french schools which are typically far more international and multicultural. This is in general.

The 2nd foreign language, typicality English, cannot form part of the curriculum in Brussels before S3 or aged 13/14.

My children's French speaking friends in french school, some of them have attained c1 level of English through school, after school activities, residential exchanges, not all of them of course, but don't believe the stereotype French speakers are terrible at languages, in Brussels, many parents are very aware of the importance of Dutch and English.

Thank you for quick reply. We speak English at home, since my older son is 4 he already does speak English as well. But my main concern is the reading and writing.
Yes, when I went couple of schools they did mention that he would have English lessons when he is 13. We are live in Flemish side so from what I understand his first Lang would be Dutch and then at age of six he would learn French.
Once they start to learn English in just the basics?

Then you do not need to have English at school.

There is no reason your child's reading and writing in English by age 14 will be any lower in quality than a monolingual English educated student.

Relax and choose a local school, but don't choose Dutch in Brussels, it will be too problematic. I take it you mean you live in Flanders, Flemish side is not a mother tongue English expression and one I have not heard before.

French starts age 10/11 in most Dutch schools in Flanders in L5. English starts age 12/13 in S1 in Flanders.

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