French classes free of charge in Brussels


Are there any French or Dutch classes for foreign workers free of charge in Brussels?

If not, is there any other sort of study for free?

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Please go through this link.

They provide 2 beginner levels of French.


Thank you purnima.

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All Brussels residents can study Dutch for free for the first 6 levels of Dutch - 1.1 to 2.4. All you pay for is the books.  The free Dutch is through  CVO BEC, CVO Lethas and CVO Brussel. Then you can do free Dutch as part of integration (inburgering) courses too.

Anyone registered as unemployed and seeking work can also study French or Dutch for free, via Actiris, VDAB or Le Forem.

Any Belgian workers can apply for work cheques for half price training.

Thank you very much Currylover.


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