Dutch intensive course

I am looking for a dutch intensive course class in and around Edegem. I did go to the Huis van het Netherlands and they offered me the intensive course in Mechelen , but too far for me .( I dont drive yet)

The ETA in Edegem offers a slow paced course.

Any suggestions ? Even a private tutor would do if the prices are not too exhorbitant.


To be honest I know people who have done the intensive and not actually taken much in as it goes to fast and I take the slow one and speak and understand more dutch than my friends on hugher levels intensively

Hello zany_anita,

have you take a look to  classifieds ads Belgium?

In which city are you? Try to be a little more specific. Like how far are you willing to travel?

See you around,


Thank you for the prompt replies. I agree with hannahhadman that yes an intensive can be a total waste if a lot of personal motivation and effort to study at home is not there. I live in  Edegem ( suburb on Antwerp) . Well i am willing to travel till Antwerp .It would be good if i can find a tutor ( 1 to 1) close to Edegem.


I am sorry.I beg to differ. An intensive course is helpful but you have to be very extremely motivated.

I learned Dutch in a slow pace for the first year to get all the grammars and forms...the second and third year, I went to an intensive course in  SCVO-SITE Antwerpen 4 mornings per

week.(You can get a free yearly BUS pass from de Lijn but you have to get registered at the VDAB. You do not need a car to get yourself around. At least I think a lot of people can make it without a car.

I am now fluent in Dutch and I passed the National exam SELOR.
I am a Trilingual /French, Dutch, and English Commercial Agent at the Mass Transportation in Brussels and nobody could believe that I learned Dutch in my 40s in only 3 academic years.

The key to my success:
volunteering in a "rusthuis - home for elderly" no better place to chat with local people... Old people talk a lot and you can learn a lot from them-- Watching a lot of TV, the news--all kid's programmes KETNET and ...all the soap...thuis, FC de kampionen, de kotmadam...---- read the free newpapers METRO (Passive way). You do not have to know all the words at least try to understand the meaning and later on you will watch the same news on tv (Active way)


and good luck

Thank you alphabetcity for your motivating reply. Will follow your key to success. Regards, Anita

Hello alphabetcity,

Could you please lower caps-lock when you write on the forum please ;)
We try our best to keep the forums readable :D

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Thanks Melissa for the suggestions.

... but it was not written anywhere that I could not use the caps as long as I wanted to emphasize a powerful statement and to try delivering important and useful information.

The most important thing is: Anita got the message and I am confident that she will be successful ar her Dutch classes.


Hello Anita,

How are you?...Did you get all the information that I sent to you regarding the schools and learning centers where you can attend Dutch Lessons for free or very low cost.
Please let me know.

Thank you , i received your detailed and helpful information. I am sorry could not respond earlier. I am registering tomorrow at SCVO , thanks once again.


Hey Anita,
There's also intensive dutch courses at Leuven. But that's too far for you eh?
I know of some folks who might help tutor you in Dutch for free...Send me a text at 0490/112109, as I cannot seem to PM you :cool:

Thanks Gelgium, that is really kind of you. I have already started with my intensive course at SCVO and I have an amazing teacher. I will surely come back to you if I need any help with my Dutch. Regards, Anita

Hi Anita,

Good to hear from you and to find out that you are doing great with your dutch classes.

Do you happen to have Monique, Eva, Jeroen or Peter as teacher? Tell that I say hello.

Do you also know that you can register at the same school to have extra help (once a week between 13:00-15:00) with the pronunciation, listening and reading.

Annick and Myriam and Monique's daughter are in charge of this extra help.

I am pretty confident by the end of this academic year, you will be able to hold a decent and easy conversation with the fellow citizens.

Take care and once again much admiration for your self determination.


I think I will probs leave my CVO classes as I find them a waste of time and look for something at the university. Appently I get a discount so there only 100 euros a level and i already pay 80 euros a Level with CVO.