Few quetions about moving to Belgium

Hello everyone!

I have read, seen videos and heard stories about Belgium (more specifically the flemish part) and I must say I fell in love, ever since I fell in love I starting thinking about moving to Belgium and start a brand new life and I think its about time.

However as with everything I must first ask some questions before taking this bold decision. I am 18 years old and was planning of studying medicine this can be postponed tough. I also heard i will need an economical support which I do have its about 20K US dollars. and i would be moving to ghent

I was wondering if it would be appropiate for me to inscribe myself in a flemish class so i can dominate the lenguage in less than a year and then perhaps take a job as a waiter or something like that to help pay my needs.

I also was wondering how hard it is to get into a university in Belgium? and how many years of study it requires for me to become a doctor??

anyways if i have any other questions ill ask them here, its a great website

thanks in advanced

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I think you need to actually visit somewhere and spend time there before you can actually claim to "love" it there.

But regardless. I don't think it should be difficult to attend university however, obviously it is taught in Dutch and therefore you need to be proficient in that before you could just go enroll in one. (Of course, you would also need to have completed enough education already, also.)

I think the larger question is under what pretenses would you be able to move to the country? Maybe it would be best to enroll in a study abroad program first, and while studying here on that program (and determining that this really is a good place for you), you could also study the language, so that when the program ended you could look to come as a student to the Flemish university directly, without the study abroad part.

Thank you very much.

I was thinking the same thing about enrolling myself in a lenguage study program in which I would learn Dutch in a 6-9 month period also familiarizing with the city and the lifestyle.

Any suggestions on which program should I take?? and if possible how much tuition is for the medicine carreer in ghent U.


I'm sorry but it's not humanly possible to become fluent in a language you do not know in only 6 mos. It takes years to become fluent, and a minimum of a year to have a solid foundation underway.

I do not know about tuition for medical degrees, nor the university in Gent, as I do not reside there. That information should be available online from their site.

Do you mean which study abroad program? I do not know what the universities in your country are like or what programs they work with. That is something you need to look into there.

Dear All,
I am planning to move to Leuven for postdoc position at Imec (Katholic University) for an year. I have a kid of 7Yrs. I am very much worried about his education. He is doing very nicely in India.I saw that the international schools in Belgium are very costly. I noticed that in public schools the medium of teaching is in Dutch.If I put him in local schools, will he be able to cope up with studies? I mean first he has to learn dutch (writing and talking)
I request you to kindly respond to my message and get me out of dicy situation.

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