Anyone granted for a PhD while married?

I have been accepted for a PhD in Belgium but I am still confused for the visa process for myself and wife.

1. Do I need to apply for a study permit or a work permit? Strangely, I could not find an information about it.

2. How to apply for dependant visa for my wife if the suitable one is study permit? Can I apply together for both of us?

Thank you for your time and answers.

Hi Seusa, as a PhD student, you need to apply for a student visa. PhD candidates are considered as students.  For your wife, a possibility is to get your student visa first and travel to Belgium alone, get a suitable accommodation (registered lease contract), register with a health insurance company and get all the documents needed to apply for a family reunification visa. Once this is done,  your wife can then apply for a family reunification visa to join you.