Academics - Indian Degree Equivalence

Hi All,

Does anyone know what is the equivalent Engineering degree of India in Belgium. I could see Belgium has Bachelors degree with 3 years. And for Masters 2 years.

In India, Engineering is pursued for 4 years. My Belgium employer wants to know the degree equivalent.

Please throw some light on this if you know,



Be careful, you should not base yourself on the duration of studies. Because the Belgian system does not function at all like the American / English system.

The most logical would be to go through the designated administrations for this to ask for an equivalence of your diplomas. Contact details can be found on the following website.


Thanks for the response and the details provided. I will check the respective administrations as suggested.

Gomes u got any solution for equivalency of engineering bachelordegree certificate please share me also am facing the same problem

In addition to what is mentioned already, … _diplomas/

This website provides detailed information on this topic. … chure-2017

Thanks again!!!