Secondary School in La Hulpe

Hi everyone
We are moving to Belgium this January.  My son is going to year 9.  Could anyone recommend any good English Int'l School with reasonable school fees near this area.  What is the best and decent area to live.  We do not mind if it needs a bit travel.  Thank you. Charlotte

Here is a map of all international schools in Belgium plus one local school called Le Verseau which teaches English to native level, rather than 2nd language, but that's only 4 hour out of 32 hours, rest in French.

You won't find a cheap pukka English international school, cheapest is WIS in Rhode-St-Genese at 20k per year and it's tiny, expect max 10 children in Year 9, which sort of means quite a restricted curriculum.

Have you considered state boarding in the UK? It is cheaper than the pukka English international schools here. … 91ceee1066