English Schooling in Belgium

I have two kids 11 n 6 years old. I m looking for a school in English. I can't afford the private international school as they charged more than 12k for one child. Are there other options available ?
I heard about European School. Is it worth to put the children in European school? French n Dutch language competency is very poor for both the kids.
Can anyone give me feedback about Europe school or if any other options are available ?

Thanks in advance.

You can not enrol for European school in Brussels, the fact you are asking means you are not eligible.

You could try European schooll mol but almost unlikely without another language at their age.

Your option is French or dutch public school just like the 2 million non Belgians without dutch or French as mother tongue.

Thanks for your reply. My both sons are into English language school currently so I am really afraid to put them directly into public school.
Why ES mol is not an option? Is it Possible to provide feedback for that school?
My elder son is 11 now. So is BIS an option since they teach only in English after 12 years(correct me if I m wrong).
Thanks for feedback.

Europe an school mol will require 2 languages to be fluent aged 11  plus limited places. 2 hour journey from Brussels. School fees too
Do you have 10k each child? European school will be fee paying for you.  Is your child fluent in French or German? I think these are the other languages you need as second language.

I have no idea what bis is.

I am in a similar situation.
My kids are 11 and 5 and looking for english medium schools.My work place will be in Wavre.please keep posted if you manage to find any.

All the English schools are on the map I be posted many times and their fees are on the map.

The cheapest English school is around 10k and questionable quality and most expensive is 35k.

There are no English schools in wavre. Nearest costing over 15k and needing French or Swedish  is European school Argenteuil in waterloo.


Thanks Schoolmom proving valuable information about European School.
I was referring to Brussels Catholic International School. I have read on the website that they follow french-English 50-50 %. Is it advisable for my 11 year son without any French language knowledge


Bics teaches in French and English not only in English. It s clear on the website? Do you have 20k cash spare annually for fees? Your children will still need French, so why not save 20k and place them and into French school and learn French quicker too?

Hey I was hoping I could get some advice on me and my sister moving to Belgium soon from England. I'm doing my a levels in June 2020 and my sister will be doing her GCSEs in 2021. My sister and I don't speak any of the languages that are spoken in Belgium, which are German, Dutch and French. Me and my sister speak Sinhala from Sri Lanka and English.

We won't be able to afford international school in Belgium therefore public school is our only option. This would mean that we would have to learn and adapt to public school. This seems like its going to be really difficult and I was wandering if anyone could give me and my sister some advice on what would be the best option for us. If my sister and I are made to leave England we would lose most of our Educational opportunities because we have to learn another language.

Thank you for anyone that could help me.

Don't leave England. Find places at a UK state boarding school.

Currylover wrote:

Don't leave England. Find places at a UK state boarding school.

They still charge for boarding and the fees are £10,000+ per annum.

Hi and welcome to the Forum.

Totally agree with Currylover; you really need to stay in the UK and finish your education; this link will take you to a website that lists the potential schools.

The problem is that these schools are only open to "children who are nationals of the UK and are eligible to hold a full UK passport or those who are nationals of other European Economic Area (EEA) countries or those who have the right of residence in  the UK"; your information tells me that you're both Sri Lankan citizens, so I'm not sure you will qualify.  My advice is to speak to one of your teachers and see if they can help you through the process.

If you have any further specific questions, please come back to us.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

I'm well aware of UK state boarding fees thank you.
I gave good advice.
If parents cannot afford the fees in Belgium which for a decent English school start at 25k per year, then the fees at UK state boarding school might be possible. They do include food and housing and open to all UK residents and currently all EU nationals too not yet living in the UK.

hey thank you so much for your reply and I wanted to just make it clear that I do live in England now and currently attending school here. do you think it would mess up my educational opportunities if I move to Belgium when about to finish my secondary school courses?

hey currylover,

I do live in the UK at the moment so I don't have any clue how it would be moving to Belgium and starting my education all over again in Belgium.

thank you, Kavithma

My opinion - leaving the UK now would be catastrophic if either of you had any desire to get to University.

thank you for ur replies,

yes both my sister and I want to attend university and get degrees in our interests. yeah I agree that it would be really bad if I do leave the UK now.

thank you again,

Hi ,

I got a job offer at Ostend. I have 2 daughters 11 & 6 years who can speak English and Swedish. here in Sweden they were attending International English school for free. what's the option that they have in Belguim ? is there any local English school ?! I can't afford the international fees.

appreciate your feedback