Enrolling my daughters in francophone secondary school

Hello! We are moving to Brussels. My daughters are francophone and the 12 year old will enter 1re secondaire and the 16 year old will enter 4me secondaire.  We are hoping to live in Woluwe St Pierre or St Lambert.  I have several questions I hope you can help!

  • I've identified schools in the commune, but they are not answering their phone. How can I move ahead with inscription if they are closed these next few weeks? How will I be able to know if they have space or not?
  • Does anyone have recommendations for the following schools? We are interested in etudes general -- not technique or professional. College Jean XXIII; Lycee Mater Dei; Institut de Dames de Marie; Ecole Sacre Coeur de Lindthout, AR Crommelynck.
  • Lastly, we are in a bit of a race to sign the lease, so that we can get registered at the commune, and then we will get a document -- but do you know what paper is required for the kids to enroll in school?(I have residence and am employed in Belgium with Visa D).


@Lena M

For enrolment, they need to have the national register number or the ID card.  I suggest you get them as soon as possible.