Learn French or Dutch

Hello everyone,

I am thinking very seriously to moove in Ghent. I need some info about the languages.Actually I speak only English and I guess it is nesessary to learn Dutch and French. I heard that every community has lessons and teach you for free, or not, the language that you would like to know..
So, I would like to know if it is true or if it is not true, how much does it cost to learn a foreing language per month


Gent is Dutch. Why do you want to move to Belgium? You know there are currently many EU nationals who have moved here in search of work and are now destitute, people from non EU countries would in these circumstances just claim asylum to force the state to give them money, as EU nationals, you don't really have that option. Please don't come here unless you have very specific skills, family, money, connections, life is hard enough for many in work here, even harder for those with no work and no access to Belgian social security.

Thanks for the answer,

I came for vacations in july just to see and decide. Of course I would find first a job and then I mooved in Ghent. I stayed in Brussels, I visited Bruje and Antwerp. I like this country a lot and I was impressed by the people there. For all the countries I had on my mind Belgium is the best. Of course I will not go if I have a job first.


For most of local jobs, Dutch is a must..

an9ela wrote:

I heard that every community has lessons and teach you for free, or not, the language that you would like to know..

Hello an9ela, Dutch and French are languages difficult to learn. Even us the French-speakers from Brussels are not being recognized as bilinguals :(
Try this : http://www.hvngent.be/en

Thank you all for your help :)


Yeah ive been here 2 years looking for a job in Gent and had no luck.
Yes they teach you for free but useually only once u get your id card. You also need to be allowed to stay in Belgium. Just becouse your from EU dosnt let you stay for more than 3 months. Im from UK and came as a au pair started learning dutch but have never been able to get a second job. However I live with my partner. I never got the free lessions sadly but pay for the same ones. They are very slow

basically I will find a job in Gent before go there.. I know that I must learn Dutch but I didn't know where and how much does it cost. I hope find a job and go soon.. It's a nice country with a very nice people. It is very important to stay somewhere with nice people..


Dutch is free to learn if you're registered as seeking work (you must be registered at the gemeente first), if you wish to follow the Flemish integration courses, half price if you're working and apply for language cheques, even full price at adult education is not that much, less than 1 euro per hour.

Also you can get a discount to study dutch at the university. The classes appently are a lot better. Once your regiestered as living in gent. To be seeking work and get the CVO classes for free u need to be regiestered in the VDAB and take the integration course

Thank u :)

It's not just adult education or U of Gent where VDAB language cheques are valid, anywhere with the VDAB sign.