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In january i'm moving to Brussels with two kids, 4 years old and 2 years.  I ve sen several schools and the two i like most is the  british junior academy of brussels and the BEPS.

Can any one tell me which one is better. I ve heard the british academy is a good school but with alot of discipline. Is this true? Is the BEPS a good school for a 4 year old who comes from british school in Madrid,?

I also need a creche for my two year old. We will be living in ixelles but in the side near the ulb. Does any one know of a good creche near by. I heard public creches are good , biut will i be admitted in january. How ismthe admission process?

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no chance for a public creche.
School starts at 2.5 years here. You're also very late for enrolling if your child reaches 2.5 this school year.
The only creches likely to have places are going to cost 800 euro, eg Kidfarwest and  Kids Attitude.

BJAB but what about local schools?

Ixelles is NOT a good area to live with kids. Do you have to live there?

Thanks for the infi. Very usefull. What areas do you recommend to livewith children  and why are they better than ixelles, near lacambre.  Regards,

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noisy, dirty, expensive, not that much for children around there.
try around Montgomery/Merode. Local schools easier to get in to as well.

Look at BISB as well as BJAB. Wouldn't even consider BEPS. But I'd go local with a child that young. It's very easy to keep up English in Brussels with a wide choice of activities out of school in English, whereas a child without French would find it hard to do all the things in French. Leave the formal English till later. 2 years at a local school would give fluency in French.

oh and where is work because where you are proposing to live is not the best place for any quick public transport connections and a car there would be suicide.

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