Jobs in Frankfurt for a 15 year old

Hello, my name is Zosia and I have been living in Frankfurt since 6 years. I currently am 15 years old and I am looking for a part-time job. By the German law, I am allowed to get a job, as long as it fulfills a few requirements for a job for minors. I speak fluent English so I would prefer to have a job mostly in English, however, I can speak and understand some German. I am not looking for any specific area of expertise. Does anyone know of any job offers like that?

If you have the permission to work in Germany (check your visa!), you can just apply for suitable jobs like any other young person.
Finding English language jobs is difficult, especially at the low skilled range you presumably fall into. In addition, after living here for 6 years, which must have included German schooling, an inability to speak German will count against your ability or willingness to learn.

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