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hello guys. can i ask you if a basic of 2700 plus commission would be considered low for a masters student from europe, holding romanian citizenship? i believe that my average salary per month would reach aroun 5000-6000 if i perform. however, can 2700 be considered too low for mom when approving my spass? thank you!

With masters degree (don’t know on which subject and don’t know the years of experience you have) but $2700 is considered as way below to the market standard. What commission or extra hours income you will get, it doesn’t matter nor considered at MoM unless it has written any fixed amount as other benefits.

Either you shouldn’t show your master degree while applying S pass or increase the salary level to double, or else higher possibility that your pass will be rejected. Good luck

hello! thank you so much for answering. okay, what if another company has initially applied for spass with my masters degree, but got rejected bcs apparently they do not have spass slots anymore? can i apply next time without my masters degree? unfortunately all the sales positions in singapore have 2500-3000 max as basic, then the commission structure. does that mean that i am never able to work in sales in singapore? nobody would give 5000 basic to a fresh gradute, just because they have masters degree. thanks!

also, i am not sure there exists sales rol that give the basic of 5400 plus commission. my friend has worked in banking for 5 years and only after 5 years of experience his basic is 4500. i am afraid that there is no way that a fresh graduate gets that basic.

Ohh, your S pass is already rejected with another employer. I strongly believe the main reason could be the below points, not that they didn’t have S pass quota (cause if they didn’t have then their HR must have known).  If you are a fresher then it would be more tough. MoM will ask first question to the employer what is the reason to hire a foreigner who is a fresher for this job? Secondly, will ask for the proof that the employer had interviewed local people and didn’t find a single Singaporean or PR who had the required skills for the job? I have no idea how the employer will justify it. The only justification is that if you would have studied in local university here and after completion of your Master degree, you are applying for this job. Good luck

yes, however i did not study here. anyways, which would be a decent basic for a salary in sales here in singapore? all the job postings have the basic at 2.500-3000, so if your initial statement is right, it means no foreigner holding a master degree can work in sales?

Please read carefully I’m saying a fresh graduate foreigner. Chances are very unlikely that MoM approves work pass of a fresh graduate foreigner, who didn’t study his/her graduation here. Now-a-days, MoM is strict and asks many questions (similar questions mentioned in my earlier message). I would suggest work few years in your home country or where you did master degree. After few years of hands on experience then try internationally. For local freshers, average salary in sales would be $3k to $3500. With 5yrs experiences, you can expect $5k to $6k, excluding other benefits. Always upgrade your skills according to the demand. Good luck

The minimum salary for a fresh graduate (basic degree, NOT master!) to get an EP is S$3600/month. This is considered in line with market standards by MoM (meaning a Singaporean/PR in the same situation would also earn that much).
Since S-Pass is not meant to be a vehicle to circumvent this rule and allow foreigners to undercut the local salary market, the same criteria are normally applied there, too.
In addition, a foreigner can only be hired if he has certain knowledge or skills that are not available among local jobseekers. For fresh graduates, such skills are not common.
I therefore agree to Surya's advice: You should get a few years good work experience in your home country (or elsewhere) and then try again to find a job in Singapore.
Sorry if this is not what you want to hear!

Besides, I know people working in sales (of high-tech investment goods like production machinery) earning above S$10000/month. But they have many years of experience in the industry and bring a wealth of technical knowledge on how to sell complicated products to professional buyers.

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