Looking for English spoken job in Frankfurt

Hello everybody
Recently moved to germany and specifically to Koblenz
But here are no jobs here
I have an academic background Bachelors in Business, MBA in health management  in United Kimgdom , Proficiency of English Michigan University
please help what to do I am desperate
I have sent  CV s but  no answers

What kind of help do you expect on an Internet forum?
There's lots of good advice about how to search for employers and apply for jobs, including discussions of what are the most important factors (e.g. language). Did you read the related threads?

Thanks for the reply
I have read some and I know that language is the most important factor but it costs and for the time being is difficult for that's why I am looking for English spoken job
I have a Bachelor degree in Business MBA IN HEALTH MANAGEMENT in UK
AND a great experience since I was general manager in a rehabilitation center
But because of crisis in Greece I list my job

Then why don‘t you move to UK instead, where you speak the language and got your degree?
How do you suppose to work in health care without understanding the patients? I don‘t think that is possible!

Hey there I am a B.tech(civil) engineering professional having 6+ years of experience as an SITE execution engineer from India.
English fluent and german beginner
Any opportunity for me please suggest or mail me at bharatrajora1[at]gmail.com
Awaiting for your response as soon as possible

Also have a valid job seeker visa from the honorary German commission
Validity of VISA - 25/5/2018 to 22/11/2018

You have probably read the job search advice given in various threads here, and done your research about the (civil) engineering industry in Germany, right?
Then, which companies did you find as potential employers? What job vacancies do they currently advertise? Did you contact some or all of them?
Have you already planned your job search trip to Germany on JSV?

I had already applied on the german job portals but no reply from there side what to do.....

If you have specific niche skills, it might be better in your case to directly contact potential employers that seem to be a good fit, without replying to ads (that might not fit you exactly). Or find people in your industry through professional social networks like Linkedin and Xing. (Once you are in Germany, you can contin ue this kind of networking on seminars, conferences and trade fairs of your industry.)
Also, your chances of being invited to interviews are of course much greater when you are in th country. So mention in your letter when you are coming.
And, last not least, do not ask for a job, convince the reader that you can do great things for them. (This is easier said than done!)
Good luck!

Is it possible to start a survival job with a job seeker visa in Germany

Can i go with the paid internship in Germany in my field

You cannot work on a JSV, but you can convert it to a work permit.
Internships rarely pay enough to survive on.

How can I convert a JSV to work permit
Can you please brief me????

Contact the foreigner office ("Ausländeramt") of the town where you stay in Germany.

Thanks for your valuable information

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