Enrichment classes (English and Mandarin)

Hi guys

I am new to this forum and planning to move to Mauritius next year with my husband and kids. I am looking  for enrichment classes for my young children (mainly in English and Mandarin). I plan to send them to a French school so that they can integrate in the local culture as soon as possible. And in addition keep their English and Chinese level by sending them to after school classes.

Where are most of the after school programmes held?

How is the local school system for kids who are non native speakers?

Thank you for all your advice


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Hi Sheila, welcome on board.

As far as mandarin is concerned, you should perhaps inquire from the China Cultural Centre : https://www.facebook.com/Centre-culture … 251329625/  and for English language, you may contact the British council : https://www.britishcouncil.mu/english/children

In case a tutor would be more suitable, feel free to have a look at the ads in the Language classes in Mauritius or to drop your own one.

All the best,

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