Private english speaking schools in Mauritius

Several people asked, so here are a few private english speaking schools in Mauritius



le bocage:

Julien Hi. Thanks for the useful posts. I just registered on the site. Will be reallocating to Mu from Russia in less than two weeks. Number one task for me (besides finding a place to live) is to find a good school for my 6 year old son before family join me in a month. I do not worry about the house, but the school is very important. Nick is not fluent in English yet, and doesn't speak any french, so I would have to look into several other characteristics when choosing school. I got a list of schools:
* Excelsior Institute of Education
* Nightingale Primary School
* Orchard Kids Primary School of Excellence
* Le Nid Pre-primary & Primary School
* Ecole du Nord
* International Preparatory School

Could anyone who's kids used to or still enrolled into one of the above mentioned schools share their feedback in terms of:

1) Internal culture of the school.
2) How easy it is to adopt for the newcomers?
3) Qaulity of the program, level of Pedagogical education of the Faculty.

Another one. Nick will be 6 january 9, 2009. If I am not mistaken from what I know about the classical UK and the US, this is Standard I, isn't it?

Thank you very much beforehand.

Schooling in English is a big problem in Mauritius at the moment.

The fact is that there aren't enough schools to cope with the influx of expatriates. We ended up home-schooling our kids because the private schooling can be very selective and expensive.

Expect - as an expatriate - to pay around Rs15,000 per month for primary school education, and Rs20-30,000 per month for high school education.

The French-language schools are far more accommodating in general, but that's because there is more competition.

I recently removed my children from one of the 2 English-medium high schools because the cost does not justify the education provided.

A lot of expatriates end up sending their children to boarding schools in nearby Johannesburg.

DS Murray, that's interesting to note!

DSMurray, what do you mean when you say that "The French-language schools are far more accommodating in general, but that's because there is more competition"? You mean that there are more French schools, and thus more intense competition among them which induces them to provide better services, am I right?

Anyway, I've discussed with many persons (both Mauritians and expats) whose children attend the French schools. They were unanimously happy with the schools. It does indeed cost quite much, but these are the kinds of things for which one should save money BEFORE arriving in a country. (And, I would add, that compared to other French schools around the world, it's not expensive at all. The French school in New York or l'Ecole Jacques Prevert in London cost 10-15 times more (no exaggeration) than French schools in Mauritius.)


That was exactly what I meant - more competition leads to better quality of education overall. And yes, the French schools are also generally less expensive than English-speaking ones.

I have recently started looking at moving to Mauritius and have been reading up on some forums to see what it is like to live there. To be honest alot of the things I have read are very negative about moving there. My big concern is the schooling system there. I have a 7 year old daughter and a 22 month old daughter so school is a big concern of mine. Can anybody give me advice? Are the english speaking schools full?
Also can somebody give me an idea of the cost of living for a family of 4?


Schools in Mauritius belong to different categories like :

1. preparatory schools
2. primary schools and
3. international schools.

This categorization is based on the level of education provided to students at different school levels. However, schools in Mauritius do not make any distinction between the local students and the foreigners, while delivering knowledge. The medium of instruction in all Mauritius schools is English, which is also the official language of the country.

1. The International Preparatory School
2. The Alexandra House School King George V
3. The Le Bocage International School or LBIS

hope this help

Hi Anton,

I'd just like to reassure you about your son, at the same age I was sent to Irish school without warning, and within a couple of months I was fluent, go for it! Kids' brains are designed to assimilate languages really fast, so wherever you send him, he'll do fine!

Hello everyone,

Haven't seeing this post for a while. Just to update and add to Julian's list. We are very much happy that Nikolay is enrolled in Lighthouse Primary school in Trou aux Biches. The school has a great atmosphere, faculty and is a true International School.


hi all
we are moving to mauritius shortly, to the Belle Ombre region in the South East. i have a 3 year old son who needs to attend a play group, and a 9 month old daughter. please can you help with information about play schools/groups for my son, and info on where i can buy cots etc for the baby?
would SOOOO appreciate some feedback
Thanks :)

Hello and welcome to expat-blog,
Hope somebody here will be more helpful than me because I don't know that region at all.

Thanks so much! moving with kids is quite a thing:)

hi everyone,

we are moving to mauritius next year, we have twins that will be three years old. Can anyone suggest a good pre-primary or kindergarten.

Thanking you in advance
Light House Primary - great school

olgaleschenko :

Hello everyone,

Haven't seeing this post for a while. Just to update and add to Julian's list. We are very much happy that Nikolay is enrolled in Lighthouse Primary school in Trou aux Biches. The school has a great atmosphere, faculty and is a true International School.


Yes a good school or at least that's what I hear from my friends who send their kids there!

My daughter attended Clavis and Le Bocage and while there is NO perfect school, she did very very well and got a first class education....

HI Anton,
I was was looking for a school for my baby and so i went visiting a few schools..
My first hand experience is visit the schools personally, u will be surprised and very impressed aswell. and this is the best way to make a decission suitable to what you can afford.
SOme places are really expensive.

Keeping in mind that your son isn't fluent in english and french
I wouls advice you to visit the school CLavis at Moka.
It would be apt, in your situation.
Its when you visit the school personally you will relaise why I am saying this.
THere are many options for learnin, language wont be an obsatcle here; and its natural for children to pick up a language more easily than adults.
Its full of child friendly envireonment. Its one of the best schools ehre, with a difference in education system.
Just visit it personally.
Here are the deatails:
Clavis at Moka: 4334439
Mr.Nicholas Hammer for information
And ofcourse IPS and ALxandra house
YOu could even consider Hampton at Curepipe or quatre Bornes; if you are concerned about the fees.
Tiny wonder.

Every day I am spending at least an hour for reading various blogs that I get from Google search engine! It is the first time that I going to leave a comment just to express my feelings from the expiration that I have received here.thanks.........

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The options for private secondary education in Mauritius are about to expand...stay tuned! :)


Hi I may move to MRU in March 2012 for a good job.

Can someone please provide a list of good international English schools around Grand Bay. My kids are 16, 12 & 9.


I am a South African teacher, studied at the University of the Free State, obtained my BEd degree in 2004 Cum Laude and my BEd Honors (Psychology in Education) degree in 2011 Cum Laude.  I have a passion for remedial education - to help primary school learners with learning barriers, academically e.g. reading and maths or neurologically e.g. ADHD.  I have 8 years permanent teaching experience at the Dept. of Education and taught in city as well as rural areas.  I am dynamic, a perfectionist in my work and a Christian.  I am married and have no dependents.  My husband and I love nature, to travel and to experience different cultures and places.  We are optimistic people and love life!  As a teacher my dream is to work at a private school or small groups of learners or as a private tutor in Mauritius and my goal is to assure individual teaching and remedial support.  I can work independently, are people orientated and sure I can make a difference in a child's live. The post can be temporarily or permanent and we are willing to relocate.  We've been to Mauritius (Belle Mare) in 2012 and fell in love with the country, it's people, the culture and our dream will come true if we can have the opportunity to work there.

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My daughter is in class 9 in cbse form .is she problem to opt 4th form in mauritius


we are looking at relocating to Mauritius and am currently on search for schools for my 5 yr old. we would like to apply for a school for her in grade 1. do the schools except applications if you do not have residency yet? how does this process actually work?

Many Thanks

Hi Theresa, You also have Westcoast International Primary School ( located at Cascavelle - on the west coast between Flic en Flac and Tamarin. I'm not certain that schools accept applications if you do not have residency yet. You can ask them directly.

Hi there,
i would strongly recommend " Hampstead Junior School at Pamplemousses" as it offers great education at competitive price. It's an English Medium school and I've great experienced there as sending my 4 year old there was the best choice after coming from UK.You can keeep the number handy +230 2433747...


Hello, I give English and French lessons to adults and kids in the north of the island. If you are interested please contact me via PM. Have a nice day :)

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I am originally from Mauritius and a citizen of Canada.I tutor French and English to all levels and if you would need my sevices I would be happy to teach anyone in your family.I have more than 10 years teaching experience with international students.

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I am originally from Mauritius and a canadian citizen having more than 10 years experience in both English & French language teaching for international people.

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Hope you well. May I have your advice on school. My son is 9 years old in grade 3 and my daughter is 4 years old in pre-school at a private school in Africa. After spending 12 years in Africa we have decided my husband and I to relocate in our motherland country Mauritius for 2-3 years before we go again to Australia.
Both my children are English speaking, my concern is about school! I'm wondering if I have to take them to private school or public school, because on thy over hand I don't want them to lose the English.
Hope to hear from soon.thks

Hope you are doing well. I believe the level of English language in Mauritius is on a downward slope.I am actually promoting this language and I realise how bad they make use of English.I would suggest you find a private school or else you will be surprised to see  your children losing their fluency .There are a few english speaking schools depending on the areas you are going to live in.Well I hope this helps!!

Thank you for your advice, I will definitely check the private school.

Thank you for your information.
i can't go to school because i'm on working a day
so i want to study English at night or holiday.
Can i get a private teacher not a school in Mauritius?
i would like to make private English teacher!
thank you in advance~ hope to hear from soon.

Hello all
We will be moving to Mauritius soon. The biggest task await for me Is abt schooling there.  My son is in 4th grade now. And I really need help abt good schools in Eben side which has good international standard.

Pls suggest a good English speaking school in eben area. We will be moving to this place soon. And really worrying about schools there. Which one is the best school there and how about the standard of curriculum there .aby help would be appreciated

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