Looks like the visa is cancelled. One more friend faced similar situation. The visit visa was for 2 yr, multiple entry, the visitor left KSA within a month. Now his Absher not showing any details of the visitor.

I heard its normal,and once enter KSA again it will show, not confirmed.

Can someone confirm this? When a 2 yr/multiple entry visa visitor leaves a kingdom, can they enter again? Ideally they should as the visa is already stamped on their PP.

If visa is valid then yes he/she can come.

Thats exactly the visa valid? Bcoz as per the new rule, no visitor can stay in kingdom more than 180 where do 2 yr multiple entry visitors figure?

And how exactly are we going to know that there is no problem? Will we buy the ticket and check in immigration to find it out? Bcoz nothing is showing in our Absher system

This rule means for maximum 180 days a visitor can stay and after that he/she must exit. If multiple visa then, exit and reenter before the expiry of visa.
Expiry of visa means from the first day on entry 2 years have not passed yet.

Logically yes!

But if someone has a practical experience of this, then we can be very sure.

Bcoz earlier, means last yr, one yr multiple entry visa was given, and there was no such rule as max stay 180 days. My mother stayed continuously for 7 months in KSA. But now this is not possible even if the visa is one yr, multiple entry. Hence the doubts.

My wife did, that is why I am sure.

Great! That's a great news! And this must have been very recent, I guess. I mean her re- entry.

It was in September 2018

Okay, thank you. And when she was outside kingdom, then yr absher/MoI account- visit visa section went blank, like the case being discussed.

Dear all Any 1 bring his family at 2 Years Multiple visit visa, is it necessary to exit after 90 days or we can renew it through Absher and take exit after 180 days and than come back again on the same visa. if some one have recent experience please share.


Yes you can extend after 90 days and after 180 days you must exit and come back on same visa.

Sorry ali to boother you again can you please tell me more clearly as I have 2 years Multiple visa and by the end of this month 90 days will be complete, can I renew it throuh Absher or I must Go Bahrin First and Than Come Back and renew it. and if you have any recent experience please share. bcz I am lil bit confuse that some people are telling that after 90 days is compulsory and some are saying that we can renew it without taking exit upto 180 days and after 6 months take exit.

and as you said that i can renew it after 90 days and take exit after 180 days, is she will be able to come back again at same visa ?

At 84th day you can renew it through absher without going anywhere. Then before completing 180 days she must exit and can come back on same visa. There will be no problem. Just wait for 84th or 85th day you will be able to renew and the  next expiry date will be there on absher.

Thanks for sharing your experience.. Appreciated...

Salam. Can you please elaborate.

1. If 1 or  2 year multiple visa- every 3 months do we need to renew it from Abshir?
2.Need Every 6 month should exit and enter to extend 6 months more? there is exit entry fees or it's free
4. How many days can stay outside Kingdom if stay for 2 month outside Ksa do this will reduce days from the visa.


1. Yes
2. Yes
3. Free
4. Total visa duration will be counted from the first date of entry. Yes you can stay as much as you want and come back if visa is still valid.

Bro. Jazakallah

So how much max. Can stay outside Ksa if on 2 year multiple visa.

Also for medical insurance should pay once when apply for 2 years or renew every 3 months time

Maximum till visa is valid.
Every extension insurance is required

Hi Xtang, is it possible to convert the 1 year multiple entry family visit visa or apply to a permanent family visit visa while in ksa? Or do you need to exit the country and have it process in your home country with all the documents provided (yellow slip).
Please advise.. thanks a lot.

How we can Pay insurance before renewal of visa through absher, i mean what is the procedure to pay the insurance fee.

AOA all members,

I have send my wife and kid after extending 180 days, Now i have new 90 days in between i send my family do i need to call them back before 90 day expiry date or i can bring after 90 days also.

please advise.


you can call them back any time before completion of total number of days i.e. 365 days or 760 days and if you were only single entry than you have to apply a new visa for next entry.

i am having the same issue, want to know can i bring back my family on the same visa or have to pay something extra.

i am having a multiple visit visa for 2 years recently my family went after 180 days on exit re entry in may 2019 can i bring them back on the same visa in September or should i have to pay some extra charges for health insurance and all or was it included in the visa wen purchased..??? and if yes have to pay so how and where, please support

Yes you can bring back your family on same visa, nothing to pay anything. Just buy tickets for them.

Thanks a lot brother

You can buy insurance, which is actually a very minimal amount, around 150/- Sar. I did it through Alrajhi takaful, did it online myself. The only precaution to be taken is that the start of yr insurance date should be exactly same as the visa expiry date in your absher account. You will make insurance only for 90 days, that is, the period for which you will be able to extend the visa. Hope this helps.

Exit after 6 months?

It is compulsory to exit after 6 months. More than 180 days continuous stay not possible for visitor

They can extend for 15 days to 30 days if there is any emergency case by visiting the Jawazat. But from online no extension after 180 days.

Dear Ali,
I brought my wife for two year multiple Visa.she came back to kingdom after completing 180 she need to go urgently before three months ie next renewal it possible for her to come back again since she left before renewal time.Also how long she can stay at home countery??please help me ..

Thaj777 :

Dear Ali,
I brought my wife for two year multiple Visa.she came back to kingdom after completing 180 she need to go urgently before three months ie next renewal it possible for her to come back again since she left before renewal time.Also how long she can stay at home countery??please help me ..

She can stay as much as she wants and come back without any issue if visa is still valid (before two years completion).

That's fine..but any problem is there ,if she exit before three months,means before renewal? .because as you know the extension will be open in the absher  before one week of three months completion and also the Visa holder should be present in the kingdom.can you clarify this?

There is no problem, she can exit any time and can come back any time untill two years from the first entry completed.

Plz help me
Multiple exit re-entry visit visa

Asslam walaikum
My family have 365 days multiple visit visa
After 2 week 180 days will be done
How can I extend
Can I go Bahrain by causeway?
Its required visa?
For my family or they can go

Please search on the forum for the Bahrain visit, there are detailed information available. yes visa is required.

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