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I brought my wife on family visit visa for one Year (365 days)  with multiple entries. In my MOI absher account its showing that it will expire after 90 days. i am having problem to get her visit visa for dubai or Bahrain and its also too expensive to go there after every three months.

Is their any possibility to extend it without exit/re-entry  ?

If any one have gone through it kindly share the detailed proceadure for it.

Waiting for your valuabe commets from all members.


I guess there was something shared on this forum recently about exiting KSA through causeway and entering back to KSA without going to bahrain. This way exit/entry is activated. Let me check !!

Here it is, hope that’s helpful, check it :)

hi brother,
I have same issue, 
could you please share me your mobile number to talk.

how to extend multiple visit visa with out living ksa

How to extend multiple visit visa after 3 mnth

Login to your MOI account and in services you can find extend visit visa. Read the rules and submit the fee of 100 SAR per visa to extend.

Hi Waqas,

What did you do in your case. I am also facing same issue. I have taken 2years multiple visit visa.
Please share...


Brother what did you do?

Is it necessary to take reentry every 6 Months?

Brother any latest information on this do you have.

Can one visit Bahrain for Multiple Entry Visit Visa Renewal for families via Causeway.

Please reply.

My family is on visit visa 2 years multiple. Extended to 180 days by paying 100 SR on Absher.

I am planning to send them back to the home country before 180 days, example 17 Feb is the last date of visa and they travel on 15th Feb. In how many days maximum they should come back? and after coming back will the visa validity be 90 days again?

Please help asap

I don't know the maximum time, they can stay outside kingdom but yes when they will come back the validity will be 90 days.

Thanks for the immediate response brother.

One agent i contacted he said me that, the number of days family stays in home country will be reduced from visa duration.

Example 45 days stay in home country, coming back we have to extend visa after 45 days.

Need someone to clarify on this

No it is not the case, you will get 90 days.

Thats good. But need a confirmation about the maximum stay in home country.

Anyone with such visa please post your experience

Aslm Wlkm, brother my family just came in 1 year visit visa, visa has a validity of 365days but in the visa its mentioned the duration of stay is 90 days only, which means i have to renew after every 3months, or they have to make compulsary exit re-entry within 3 months.

1) There are so many threads on this exact topic in the forum so I suggest everyone to search those before posting the same questions again and again
2) It is a multiple entry visit visa.  You can stay 90 days, extend in some cases by another 90 days through Absher.  But after this time period, you MUST exit and then re-enter.  There are no fees for this
3) Home country stay has absolutely no bearing on any of this.  You can enter KSA, stay 2  days and then go to home country for 10 months.  You will be re-allowed to re-enter for 90 days again after that if the visa is valid

I am planning to bring my family on 2 years visit visa, could you please share your number so that I can get information easily from you.

You can ask here or private message. I don't share my contact details with forum users as I do have a job in real life and limited time.


    Please extend your support to let me know, How  to EXTEND MULTIPLE ENTRY FAMILY VISIT VISA one year (365 days),

Family entered here in Saudi on 02/12/2018,

  I am plan to go Bahrain by my car through causeway.please suggest me.

Thanks & Regards

Use search button.  Many threads for this same question.

Simply, your Saudi visit visa should say "OPEN" in mode of travel and not "AIR".  Also you must have a visa for Bahrain that allows travel via causeway.

Asalam.Alikum Bro,

I was on 180 days multiple Visit Visa with duration of Stay 90 days. I stamped my Visa on 15-Aug-2018, i made 1st entry on 01 Sept-2018, then i exited on 30 Nov 2018. I again come back on 8th Dec-2018...Now how many days i can stay here and when i must go for exit? plz help me out

Plz reply me urgent

There is no time limits. They can come back just after cross the Saudi Immigration. Once they back VISA will be renewed for 180 days automatically. Just make sure the exit time not to be expired. A fine of 25000 SR you have to pay for that.

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