I have a query regarding return ticket i have 2 year multiple entry visit visa with stay duration of 90 days so my airline PIA check for return tickets before giving  boarding .  I ll extend my 90 days duration to total 180 days . Ao should i purchase return ticket of 6 month or 3 month?

If i buy 3 month and the change it to another date then it cost me an amount which i think in totally unnecessary and i want to save that , any suggestions?

Is it necessary to visit our home place after 6 months on multiple visit Visa...or can we travel to any other place like Dubai or georgia?

You can buy 6 months return ticket, there will be no issue.

No you can exit to any country and come back.

Is there anybody went Bahrin by causeway having family 2 years multiple entry visa. i want to know the details, i.e. visa fee requirements etc.

Hi my family here with 1year visit i already renewed after 90days thru absher by paying 100.after six month what i want to do..i need to go exit/re entry for renew?

Yes, they must exit before 180 days.

After that they can continue here for the next 6months?


They have to enter again.  Then pay to extend 90 days to 180 days same as last time.  And then again, exit before 180 days.

K thank you

has anyone gone to bahrain for exit reentry with multiple visa for two years.

Anyone has info about it please share...thanks god bless

Mine is also same question, if any one like to reply.

All the information is on the threads in the forum.  I have commented dozens of time personally.  Use search.

Assalam'alaikum ,
Do we need to take to and fro air ticket on multiple visit visa ?

Today i applied for new format of Visit Visa, multiple visit visa for 365 days for 300 SR

Yes return ticket is required by the airline.

jazak Allah bhai , visa issued..

bhai after 6 months can we go to bahrain causeway for exit/re-entry, any one who did recently

Yes can go if Bahrain visa allowed to enter through causeway.

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